Organic style flower crown DIY Tutorial

Oct 07, 2014 | Inspiration
When incredible vendors get together in the wedding industry, magic is made. Not only do we have style, organic aesthetic and dream worthy florals on the blog but we have the perfect DIY floral tutorial for all you creative brides. Photographed by Wedding Sparrow favourite Peaches & Mint and styled by Pearl & Godiva, this tutorial is simple yet elegant and ideal for a bridesmaid floral crown, flower girl detail or even a gift for your leading ladies... TheLeafCrowns0049_small Peaches & Mint TheLeafCrowns0053_small Peaches & Mint Items you'll need: Scissors, floral tape, blooms and buds (we used white agapanthus...)
  1. Use florals that won't wilt in the heat/cold weather quickly. They need to stand the test of time (at least the same day!). They should bend easily and the base floral/foliage should have enough of a stem that when joined can wrap easily around your head.
  2. Measure your head and use the foliage to create a circlet the same circumfrence.
  3. Add to the foliage if required with simple buds or florals. We kept this floral crown simple and used the same flower throughout. Work your way round the circlet wrapping flowers around it using your floral tape. We kept our flower crown heavier on one side.
  4. The possibilities are endless with flower crowns and we'd love to see yours. Email us, tweet us, FB us with your pictures!
Floral DIY tutorial Peaches & Mint TheLeafCrowns0055_small Peaches & Mint TheLeafCrowns0022_small Peaches & Mint Make your own flower crown DIY tutorial Peaches & Mint TheLeafCrowns0024_small Peaches & Mint How to make a flower crown DIY Peaches & Mint TheLeafCrowns0001_small Peaches & Mint Peaches and Mint are Wedding Sparrow recommended vendors. Based in Vienna, Pia is available worldwide. You can see her full portfolio here. Vendor details Photography: Peaches & Mint | Styling and design: Pearl & Godiva | Floral design: Hanako | Hair and make up: Linda Collins Makeup | Film lab: Carmencita Film Lab


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