Lilac French Country Wedding Inspiration

Aug 05, 2015 | Inspiration
If you're considering incorporating a pastel color into your wedding design, how about a soft lavender or lilac hue? We're inspired by the easy going, French country feel to this sweet lilac inspiration photographed by Julie Paisley. The key to keeping this color in check is choosing a muted version and pairing with whites, creams, and ivories in order to not overpower the look. The lilac bouquet is absolutely heavenly with all of its texture and sweet aroma... From Julie Paisley: "Our wedding inspiration is anchored by two loves - the intoxicating beauty of spring Lilacs and the chic simplicity of linen. We chose to ‘dress down’ elements for a french-laundry, countryside freshness.  Set in our historic estate venue’s 50 acre estate, the wedding altar is a simple wood frame adorned with fresh floral garlands. A "ceremony circle” defined by flower petals, unites wedding guests with the bride and groom in an intimate space symbolic of Love's inner circle. The bride and her wedding party wear simple linen dresses in neutral hues, unified by French Lilac bouquets loosely tied with long ribbons.  Bridesmaids bouquets, individually wrapped in butcher paper, are presented as gifts to each girl by the bride. Lilac Eau de Toilette (flower water) are homemade gifts for guests. Reminiscent of a bistro-style gathering, reception tables impart a simple al fresco aesthetic, with linen tablecloths and white ironstone pitchers filled with fragrant lilacs. Heirloom dinnerware and a milk glass cake stand infuse a touch of romance into tabletop styling for the gorgeous “barely there” wedding cake, crowned with fresh lilacs.  Wedding stationery, including a "Vows" journal, are custom designed by Designs in Paper. Hand-torn linen paper wedding invitations enhance the beauty of the calligraphy in a style statement that is elegantly understated." juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-110 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-68 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-98 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-84 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-66 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-19 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-22 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-12 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-11 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-10 Julie Paisley Photography juliepaisleyphotography_Cedarwood-59 Julie Paisley Photography
Vendor Details
Photography: Julie Paisley Photography | Film Lab: Photovision | Venue: Historic Cedarwood, Nashville, TN | Event Designers, Florist, Stylist: Cedarwood Weddings | Vintage Decor and Event Props: Cedarwood Vintage Wedding Collections | Bridal Gown & Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew “Joanne” | Accessories: All About Romance | Pearl Headpieces:  Cotton Angels | Hair & Makeup:  Gina Putnam at Studio BBC Salon | Ribbon Decor:  Silk and Willow | Cake:  Patty Cakes | Stationery: Designs in Paper


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Joyce J Gagnon - 19 October 2016

I guess the cake really is barely there; I don’t see it. Patty Cakes is my favorite cake baker and decorator. I was excited to see her cake in the blog, but I’m not finding it. Sad

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