How to choose your wedding day jewelry

Aug 09, 2023 | Bridal Style
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Although the dress is the main talking point of your bridal look, it is accessories that will really elevate your wedding day style. We're all about investing in beautiful pieces you can bring out on special occasions and pass down to future generations as treasured family heirlooms.

If you're wondering where to start with choosing your bridal jewels, you've come to the right place. We asked luxury NYC jeweler Susie Saltzman, who specialises in fine wedding jewelry, to share her top tips for choosing your special pieces that will elevate your wedding day look.

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Round and marquise diamond floral pendant 14k gold necklace

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Delicate three prong martini set natural diamond earrings

Consider the detail of your dress and veil (or headpiece)

Consider the four regions where we typically wear jewelry - neck, ears, wrists, and fingers - and whether you wish to decorate each region and the style of jewelry that will best complement your look. The decision is ultimately a personal choice but it makes sense to consider how detailed your dress is.

If your gown is heavily embellished with beads or sequins for example, or patterned with lace or florals, simple, minimal pieces of jewelry will work best. Plain understated dresses can take more intricate or statement pieces, which will stand out beautifully against the simplicity of a minimal dress.

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Delicate lab-grown round diamond tennis bracelet

Don't worry about matching metals and gems

The idea that we should only ever wear the same color jewelry at one time is a total myth - mixing metals creates a unique look and is a great way to personalise your bridal style. Your stones don’t have to perfectly match either, nor the cut (having an emerald-cut engagement ring, for example, doesn’t mean you have to wear emerald-cut diamond earrings).

The key to mixing metals is to be intentional in your choices and mix pieces with similar themes, sizes, and textures throughout each placement on your body to create a chic look.

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18K yellow gold marquise diamond vine ring

Embrace heirloom pieces

If there’s a special piece of heirloom jewelry you'd like to wear on your wedding day, bring it along on your wedding dress shopping trips to ensure it works with your overall look from the start. Alternatively, if you already have your dress when you discover a sentimental piece, consider working with a jeweler to repurpose it into a custom design that is more in line with your personal style.

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14k yellow gold herringbone necklace - Susie Saltzman


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