Honeymoon Inspiration - Iceland - Part 2

May 06, 2016 | Honeymoon

Our first day in Iceland with Thomson Holidays (see the full post here!) went by in an icy blur and we realised it was incredibly easy to fall in love with this beautiful country. We could definitely see why all the hipsters came here! With some free time to enjoy the city of Reykjavik in the morning, we watched as the whaling boats came in (sob!) and learnt how they eat what they catch (including Puffins! Double sob!) which if anything I guess is good for their import/export on food items. And when we learnt they don’t farm any animals except sheep and Icelandic horses (it’s too cold for anything else!) we understood why they made the most of what surrounds them in the oceans. We stopped for lunch at The Sea Baron after hearing about it’s authentic Icelandic food and although we weren’t brave enough to sample the whale meat, we did opt for fresh scallops griddled on a skewer and Seabass. This no frills restaurant specialises in fresh fish and seafood so if you embrace the scary waxwork figure in the corner (!) and the relaxed seating (on barrels!) you’ll love it.

Iceland Honeymoon - Brumley & Wells Pin it
Iceland Honeymoon - Icelandic Horse - Brumley & Wells Pin it
Iceland Honeymoon - Brumley & Wells Pin it

After lunch we set off for our trip up the mountains and volcanoes towards the new Glacier attraction complete with man-made tunnels where you can set foot inside and take in the blue ice surrounding you. On our way we stopped at the wonderful Hraunfossar waterfalls where the water was pure icy blue surrounded by black rock. Get those cameras ready! We honestly could’ve stared at these waters for hours…

Iceland - Into The Glacier Tour - Brumley & Wells Pin it
Iceland - Into The Glacier Tour - Brumley & Wells Pin it
Iceland - Into The Glacier Tour - Brumley & Wells Pin it

We headed up the mountains towards the glacier known as Langjökull and joined what we can only describe as military grade vehicles. The wheels were bigger than us and it was clear we were about to go on an adventure with our tour guide. The white expanse surrounding us was awe inspiring and vast (bring your sunglasses if you head there during day time or Summer!). After an hour in this bumpy giant truck previously modified from a missile unit (!), we arrived outside something resembling the entrance to the Dharma Initiative. Walking deep into the glacier with our snow trax on was an incredible experience. With new cracks and crevasses appearing in the glacier almost daily, you really get to see Mother Nature in action, real-time. Even though it took the team involved 2 years to dig out this tunnel formation, the glacier is a moving structure, constantly moving towards the sea and thus disappearing within the next 10 years altogether. Although they plan to dig a new one, visit it now if you can. Incredibly, you can also be married in the glacier with a small ceremony of up to 20 guests. Now trust me when I say that will have to be one warm wedding dress! But what an incredible way to say I do! Regardless of whether you marry there or just take a look around, wear VERY warm clothing plus hats, gloves and preferably thermal socks (you’re walking on ice for an hour and that cold can get through even the thickest of soles!).

Iceland - Into The Glacier Tour - Brumley & Wells Pin it
Iceland - Into The Glacier Tour - Brumley & Wells Pin it
Iceland - Into The Glacier Tour - Brumley & Wells Pin it
Iceland - Into The Glacier Tour - Brumley & Wells Pin it
Iceland - Into The Glacier Tour - Brumley & Wells Pin it

Hopping back in the giant military truck to a waiting chocolate milk and donut (perfect!) we headed back down the mountain towards a traditional Icelandic meal of Lamb Stew (definitely try this!) called kjötsúpa. There are endless sights in this relatively small country and there was still another full day of adventure ahead of us…

Come back next week for the final part of our Honeymoon trip to Iceland with Thomson Holidays!

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Sangeeta - 28 August 2016

Unseen photos by wedding couples.  All white that sounds too serene.  Thanks for sharing such lovely photographs.  Wishes for your new journey in life.


Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! We got engaged in Iceland, so we will always remember it very fondly! We may even return for our honeymoon…

wedding table plans - 8 May 2016

Beautiful blog, magical photos showing nature at it’s best! A wonderful place for a photo-shoot, great work!

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