Groom style: How to choose the perfect wedding suit

Dec 12, 2023 | Bridal Style
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Tuxedo: Maison Geraci | Bow tie: Le Colonel | Shoes: Repetto Paris | Model: Baptiste Fache

If you’re unsure where to start with your wedding suit, or have a partner who needs a bit of help with finding theirs, then we’re here to help. We love how many options there are for elevated groom style now. There are more color and fabric options than ever before, and grooms can also have an outfit change on the big day if they want to. We’d always encourage this - there are only so many days in a person's life where they get to be so extra, so why not embrace it?

As well as our advice, we’re sharing imagery from dapper chap and #fineartcuration member Thomas Audiffren who is very used to capturing photos of extremely well groomed and sartorially sharp grooms. Look out for the man himself below, sporting a super stylish blue evening jacket, with black lapels and black tie. So if you’re wondering how to choose the perfect wedding suit, this is definitely the place to start.

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Wedding suit fabrics

It always makes sense to dress for the season and your wedding suit is no exception. Opt for heavier, warmer fabrics for the cooler months, and lighter, breathable fabrics for the warmer months.

Best fabric for wedding suit for winter weddings

Wool, velvet, gabardine, tweed, flannel, tartan, brocade - these fabrics are all quite heavy, hardwearing and will keep you warm .If you’re getting married in the colder season - try twill, or even corduroy if this works with the style of the day.

Best fabric for wedding suit for summer weddings

Naturally the key here is keeping cool. Go for natural fibers, as these will prevent you from sweating too much. A light fabric, with an open weave (that you can literally see the light through if you hold it up), will be best. Linen, cotton, a light tweed, seersucker are all great options for a summer wedding suit.

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Tuxedo: Maison Geraci | Bow tie and pocket square: Le Colonel | Shoes: Repetto Paris | Model: Alex Valentin

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Tuxedo: Tailor Trucks | Bow tie: Cinabre Paris

Wedding suit styles

Black tie wedding

A black tie dress code has gained in popularity over the last few years, and we can see why. A man in a bow tie looks super smart, and when the whole crowd is dressed this way everyone really does look the business. Black tie encompasses a tuxedo or dinner jacket, traditionally in black, with satin peak lapels, and a black satin stripe down the trouser leg, worn with a bow tie and smart dress shoes.

This look is perfect for weddings that will have a party vibe with a late finish. It also works beautifully in city venues such as chic hotels, or grand ballrooms. It’s also a look that feels synonymous with the festive season, so definitely one to embrace if you’re having a Winter wedding.

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Tuxedo: Maison Geraci | Bow tie and pocket square: Le Colonel | Shoes: Repetto Paris | Model: Alex Valentin

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Suit: Maison Geraci | Tie: Paolo Albizzati | Pocket square: Simonnot Godard | Shoes: Bobbies

Morning suit wedding

Morning suits are very traditional, and perfect for a church wedding. A morning suit features a long formal jacket with tails, a waistcoat and striped trousers. The term dates from the mid 19th century, and was only worn to daytime events before 6pm. There’s the excuse you need for two suits!

This look is very classic English countryside, and does tend to be favored by those getting married in the UK in a church or more formal setting, followed by a garden party style reception in a marquee.

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Photographer: Jino Agnelli | Suit: Maison Geraci | Bow tie : Le Colonel | Him: Thomas Audiffren

Formal wear wedding

This is a broad term for a suit that includes a dinner jacket, trousers and sometimes a waistcoat. If you’re the groom, or in the wedding party, it’s likely that you will want to wear a waistcoat as it will smarten your look and make you stand out from other male guests. This look is great for people who want to be smart but comfortable, and for more rustic, outdoor wedding venues.

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Suit: Suit Supply | Pocket square: Boggi | Shirt: Luca Faloni | Shoes: Loro Piana

How to accessorize your wedding suit

The world really is your oyster when it comes to suit accessories. From silk ties in every color under the sun, to matching pocket squares, cufflinks, shoes. Our biggest recommendation here would be to seek the knowledge of your suit maker. They will be able to advise on what works best with the style of suit you’ve gone for.

And don’t forget to run it past your beloved - just to make sure the colors work with the rest of the wedding styling. To sock or not to sock is also a big decision and one that divides many households. Make sure you’re in agreement before the wedding - your marriage might just depend on it.

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Suit and shoes : Maison Geraci | Scarf and pocket square: Simonnot Godard | Model: Alex Valentin

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How to choose your rehearsal dinner suit

This is where you can really have some fun. Unless you opt for one of the above dress codes, you can really make your rehearsal dinner outfit feel personal. Look easy-breezy by going tieless, or dress to the nines - whatever makes you feel super comfortable is what we’d recommend.

The night before the wedding can be full of jitters and nervous anticipation but sometimes getting dressed up can help to channel that energy. If you want to tie all of your weekend’s looks together, then opt for similar but not the same colors as you’ll be wearing on the big day. If you want to go to town, then now is the moment for that bold shade, that velvet jacket or those tartan trousers.

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