Fresh green wedding ideas

Dec 05, 2014 | Inspiration

Green and white simplicity is the inspiration of the day today thanks to Kate Ignatowski Photography. So fresh and so clean, this colour palettes remains timeless and suitable for most brides. We love the natural elements introduced into the tablescape too. The muted tones keep it elegant and the calligraphy from Fleur de Letters ties this focused riverside inspiration shoot looking natural...

From Kate: "Inspired by the neutral tones and lush greenery of Belle Isle, a stand alone island in the middle of the James River, I dreamt up this riverside inspiration shoot. Rhea, the florist, sourced driftwood elements from a site visit and paired them with wild greenery in the earthy tablescape; Kathryn from Fleur de Letters added a touch of movement in the invitation suite to mimic the flowing rapids; and I focused on capturing our model at peace along the river. The moving pieces of the Sarah Janks gown were perfect for this shoot."

Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-009 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-020 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-038 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-035 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-034 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-050 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-048 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-046 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-003 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-021 Kate Ignatowski Photography Kate-Ignatowski-Photography-Earthy-Riverbed-Inspiration-017 Kate Ignatowski Photography

Vendor details

Photography: Kate Ignatowski | Film Lab: PhotoVision | Calligraphy: Fleur de Letters | Florist: Photosynthesis | Hair: Lauren Perkins | Makeup: BRIDEface | Dress: Sarah Janks | Model: Modelogic | Rentals: Paisley and Jade | Ribbon: Froufrou Chic 


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