Fine art wedding accessories from Hushed Commotion

Feb 16, 2015 | Bridal Style

If you're looking to tie your whole bridal look together then you'll be glad you stopped by today. We have an exclusive feature of the new Hushed Commotion 2015 range of bridal accessories perfect for the fine art bride. From delicate hair adornments, belts and sashes to embellished head pieces, there's something to suit every bride. Our personal favourite? This beautiful lace edged veil...

From Hushed Commotion: "My 2015 Collection was a true labor of love, I paid so much attention to the details in each piece, I think a lot of my intensity came from the fact that I too planned my own wedding this year!  I incorporated a lot more veils into this collection, they just really spoke to me, the romance is such an inspiration. 

We are based out of NYC and I wanted to bring the feeling of "an English garden" to the city, so I worked with Lindsay Rae Design to create this lush floral scene on the terrace rooftop of Norwood Club in the middle of Chelsea! I love the small details on goods, I think that is where you see the most creativity and talent from designers, so I really tried to make each item in this collection special down to the last detail. The Abella veil with the small gold and crystal scattered embellishments is one of my favorites from this collection. 

Many of the pieces in this collection can be used multiple ways so that each bride has many more options when it comes to accessorizing - most of the belts double as headpieces and vice versa. I love creative brides! Jaine and I had so much fun going back and forth looking at inspiration images for vignettes during the shoot and how we wanted to create the story. Having a photographer you can really connect with and be inspired by is so important!"

201408013-HushedCommotion-35 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-68 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-84 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-115 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-79 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-109 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-134 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-131 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-99 Hushed Commotion 201408013-HushedCommotion-175 Hushed Commotion

Vendor details

Photography: Brklyn View Photography | Film Lab: Indie Fim Lab | Accessories: Hushed Commotion | Gowns: Rebecca Schoneveld Gowns | Florals: Lindsay Rae Design | Hair: StylesOnB | MakeUp: Nicole Sievers MakeUp | Chalk Art: Chalk It Up 2 Love | Venue: Norwood Club | Model: Courtni Frey


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