Fern floral crown DIY Tutorial

Oct 21, 2014 | Inspiration
We're having a huge amount of fun with our series of DIY tutorials from stylists extraordinaire Pearl & Godiva and destination film photographer Peaches & Mint! Today they're showing us how a simple organic fern can create a perfectly wild adornment for a bride, bridesmaid or maid of honour... TheLeafCrowns0121_small Peaches & Mint

Items you’ll need: Scissors, floral tape, fern (we recommend foraging for your supplies!)

  1. Forage outside for your nearest fern supply and pick the best stems. They should bend easily and the base floral/foliage should have enough of a stem that when joined can wrap easily around your head.
  2. Measure your head and use the foliage to create a circlet the same circumfrence.
  3. Layer the ferns every couple of inches or so to create the circlet. Work your way round wrapping and securing the fern using your floral tape. Don't be afraid to have them moving in different directions.
  4. The possibilities are endless with flower crowns and we’d love to see yours. Email us, tweet us, FB us with your pictures!
Fern flower crown DIY tutorial Peaches & Mint DIY flower crown Peaches & Mint TheLeafCrowns0119_small Peaches & Mint How to make a flower crown Peaches & Mint TheLeafCrowns0109_small Peaches & Mint

Peaches and Mint are Wedding Sparrow recommended vendors. Based in Vienna, Pia is available worldwide. You can see her full portfolio here.

Vendor details

Photography: Peaches & Mint | Styling and design: Pearl & Godiva | Floral design: Hanako | Hair and make up: Linda Collins Makeup | Film lab: Carmencita Film Lab


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