Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Your Engagement Ring Yourself

Mar 20, 2019 | Planning
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There are many reasons why a bride-to-be might want to accompany her guy as he shops for the engagement ring. Maybe you two do everything together, so why not do this as a team, too? Or you don't trust he completely gets your very particular taste in jewelry. Or—admit it—you like to be in control of important events and buying an engagement ring is one of them. Whatever the reason that 'engagement-ring shopping' ends up on your to-do list, before you hit the stores, we've been researching the very best designs out there that you can easily choose for yourself. On our dream list is; Heidi Gibson Designs, Natalie Marie Jewelry, Tacori engagement rings, Kristin Coffin and Melanie Casey just to name a few. It’s an important decision though so keep reading to make sure you fully understand the following points…

1. You still should give him a preview of rings you like.

Yes, you'll be there, but you should still give him an idea of your taste, like whether it's modern or traditional, your preferred metal, diamond shape, and ring style. Show him your wedding Pinterest boards, if you've got them, or any rings you've saved on Instagram. The world of engagement rings is most likely new and scary for him, so ease him in gently.

2. Drop a few hints, then have some faith (and patience!)

Make your favorite (and least favorite) ring elements known, then let your partner surprise you with their take on it. Sometimes, all they need are a few parameters to steer them in the right direction. This might not be the best option for type-A folks (you know who you are), but it’s a nice way to help them out and still be surprised.

3. Have a loved one tag along

Ring shopping is hard. To make it less of a guessing your game, your partner should absolutely consult someone who knows you to a T. Choosing a sparkler will be way easier if a sibling, parent or best friend comes along for guidance.

4. Design it together

Feeling particular? You can always dream up a new ring from scratch. Once you’ve researched everything from stones and settings to band embellishments and widths, find a jeweler in your price range to make the ring in your head a reality. Besides resulting in a stunning engagement ring, it’ll be a super-meaningful couple’s project you two can look back on forever.

5. You'll need to be open to his suggestions

Even though you may know you want a Princess Cut Diamond (like these ones here!) on a platinum band, do more than humor him if he spots another shape or metal that he wants you to look at. You shouldn't be the only one having fun! Also, if you only saw rings online, you'll have a different perspective when you go to a jeweler's in person. Try on many different rings before deciding.

6. Understand and respect the budget

If you're aware of how much he can afford, it will steer you towards the rings in his price range. There's no sense looking at uber-expensive diamonds if he's on a much more limited budget. Even if you're contributing to the cost, stay within the price range you two agreed upon beforehand.

7. Make sure you're entirely okay with not being surprised

Part of the excitement of getting engaged is seeing what the ring he chose just for you looks like. Maybe you don't like surprises when jewelry—which you'll wear forever—is involved. If he's okay with that too, go for it. If you want an element of surprise, shopping together might not be right for you.


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