Intimate Elegant Vienna Wedding

Jun 20, 2014 | Weddings

With a beautiful backdrop like this Vienna stately home we're in awe of this sweet intimate real wedding from Peaches & Mint. And you will be too once you've read this from Pia Clodi...

From Pia at Peaches & Mint"I am a big lover of intimate weddings and family affairs. I believe, when it comes to planning a wedding, choosing who to invite can be one of the biggest challenges, especially when you have big families. But often it’s worth being hard on yourselfs and really keeping it down to the most important ones – since you get to spend more time with every single one, have a wider selection of locations and might be able to put more effort & budget into the little details, that can make feel of your day very individual and unique. For Elza & Chris it was important to get to spend time with their families: Elza’s coming all the way from Russia and his from Canada, some of their family members had never met before and that made this wedding a very special occasion for all of them. It was such a beautiful and emotional celebration, stunningly decorated by Viktoria Antal of Lovely Weddings & Fiona Seidl of Flowerup. I absolutely loved the beautiful ceremony backdrop and also the lovely signs Viktoria came up with for them – check out the instagram one for example, it’s such a great idea to have your guests snapshot all in one place! By the way: I’d say intimate works from eloping (getting married somewhere just the two of you – very intimate & special) up to celebrations with 80 guests and I’ve never heard any bridal couple say that they’d wished they’d invited more people – if anything most people wish their day had more hours so they’d get to spend more time with their loved ones who made their way from near or far!"

Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint Babys breath flower crown Peaches & Mint Vienna wedding Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint Pastel real wedding Peaches & Mint peaches&mint_intimate_vienna_wedding_0045 Peaches & Mint Verinas wedding dress Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint peaches&mint_intimate_vienna_wedding_0054 Peaches & Mint Wedding bouquet inspiration Peaches & Mint Giant balloons at real wedding Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint peaches&mint_intimate_vienna_wedding_0096 Peaches & Mint peaches&mint_intimate_vienna_wedding_0084 Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint Peaches & Mint

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Photographer: Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi | Film Lab: UK Film Lab | Wedding Styling: Lovely Weddings by Viktoria Antal | Flowers: Flowerup by Fiona Seidl | Dress: Verinas | Location: Palais Sans Souci | Props & Rental: Lovely Weddings


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