​Durham Rose: Making the Perfect Engagement Ring Possible

Jul 25, 2019 | Planning

What makes the perfect engagement ring? Is it the size of the stone? The cut? The choice of metal? The value? At Durham Rose, they've always believed that ‘perfect’ is whatever you want it to be. And that’s how their story began. A personal quest for the perfect ring led to the foundation of a company that helps other couples find their own ‘perfect’, their own way. With beautifully bespoke ring design and creation.

Ring Design with Durham Rose

Durham Rose began when founder, Manu, gave up searching for an engagement ring that didn’t exist anywhere other than inside his head. Unwilling to compromise, and an engineer by trade, he decided to employ the CAD skills he used every day at work to design a ring of his own. He drafted, he refined, he scrapped it all and started again. Finally, after seemingly endless evenings of work, he completed a 3D render that equalled the image in his mind’s eye. Beautiful, personal and something Pip, his prospective wife-to-be, would love. All that remained was the lengthy search for a goldsmith who would turn his design into reality. And that’s pretty much the process that Durham Rose employs today. Only they now have their own, artisan in-house smiths and they no longer rely upon trial and error!

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How They Work

All Durham Rose rings begin with a design consultation. This usually happens via video call and screen share - although you are welcome to visit their London studios if you prefer. Working together on a shared screen they can develop your ideas in real-time, creating a visual representation of your thoughts. This allows you to see how your ring might come together, consider different configurations and build upon your original ideas.

Once they've produced a design that you’re happy with, you can leave them to refine it and move on to the next stage, which is the production of photo-realistic renders. And from there, providing that everything is as you hoped it would be, they'll really get down to work, sourcing your stones and forming your ring.

Computer-aided design might not sound the most romantic thing in the world, but the enormous advantage that CAD design brings is that you can be truly involved at every step of the way. You can see your ideas take form on the screen. You can change them, add to them, re-think your stone or metal choices. It allows you to see precisely what the finished product will look like before a single penny has been spent. And because everything is done with the help of computers, you know that exactly what you’re seeing is exactly what you’re going to get. And you’ll also know what you’re going to need to pay for it (stone choice not withstanding) before they ask you to commit. The Durham Rose design process is all about you. And that’s what makes them unique.

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Durham Rose Rings

Their ethos when it comes to design is that as long as it’s physically possible, then it’s possible. And they will do everything in their power to give you the ring that you’ve dreamed of.

Their designers leave all ego at home. They’ll make suggestions, if they’re wanted. They’ll corral your nebulous thoughts and turn them into something beautiful. But they’ll never force their own tastes or ideas upon you. Because if you wanted a ring that conforms with other people’s values, you’d buy one straight off the shelf.

During the course of the last eight years, they’ve produced every kind of ring, from classic solitaire engagement rings, to steampunk-inspired wedding bands bedecked with cogs in platinum and gold. They’ve had designs inspired by Princess Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring. Art Deco-inspired rings that looked like they’ve stepped straight out of a 1920s jewellers. They’ve had naïve flowers and mathematical theorems rendered from precious stones. And they’ve worked with pretty much every gem type available – amethyst to Padparadscha sapphires. They’ve blended metals and they’ve twinned rings. If it can be done, they’ll do it. And they’ve never said no to a challenge.

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The Durham Rose Story Continues

Manu began his search for Pip’s engagement ring back in 2009 (she said ‘yes’, by the way!). It was a purely personal process and probably would have stayed that way had they not been the first among their friends to marry. As more and more of their friends, then acquaintances, then acquaintances of friends also turned their thoughts towards matrimony, they all wanted bespoke rings of their own. And soon this one-off enterprise became a full-time occupation.

Manu and Pip launched the business together in 2011. By bringing all elements in-house and sourcing all materials on a project-by-project basis, they were able to keep costs down while ensuring that customers never had to settle for second best. And that is how they continue to work today.

Your engagement ring is about so much more than societal custom. It can be part of your story. It can tell your story. In fact, there’s so much of a story behind Durham Rose rings that we present them with an individual photo story book, so you have a lasting memento showing how your ring was made! But the point is, whatever style of engagement ring you go for, it’s important to make sure that it’s yours. We can help you to do that.


​Durham Rose: Making the Perfect Engagement Ring Possible ​Durham Rose: Making the Perfect Engagement Ring Possible ​Durham Rose: Making the Perfect Engagement Ring Possible ​Durham Rose: Making the Perfect Engagement Ring Possible ​Durham Rose: Making the Perfect Engagement Ring Possible ​Durham Rose: Making the Perfect Engagement Ring Possible


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