Destination Wedding Bridal Session Inspiration in Hawaii

Nov 05, 2015 | Inspiration
Are you considering a tropical destination wedding or perhaps dreaming of a coastal elopement with your love? You can still achieve an organic, ethereal look just like this captivating Hawaiian editorial by Christine Clark Photography. From the warm glow of the Pacific sun to the stunning drop waist vintage gown, everything is almost dreamlike! A seaside wedding doesn't have to mean a certain look and if you draw inspiration from nature, your photographs will be as timeless as ever... From Christine Clark Photography: "Impossibly exquisite, we set this antique Edwardian, drop waisted dress against the golden forest and vast, crashing ocean of Hawaii. Made of delicate Sardinian and French tambour lace, the rosy ecru tone of the dress glowed against our model's skin, and swept softly into the ocean breeze. A hint of yellow and pink brought to life the soft eucalyptus bouquet, and added a perfect compliment to the antique lace. As the shoot drew to a close, a glowing Hawaiian sunset wrapped its light around the images in a warm, island embrace, providing a wonderful ending to an inspired session." christineclarkphotography-40 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-35 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-36 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-1 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-30 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-25 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-7 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-14 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-52 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-5 Christine Clark Photography christineclarkphotography-57 Christine Clark Photography
Vendor Details
Business name: Christine Clark Photography | Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab | Model: Neka Stephens | Makeup: Lena Hanson | Hair: Marissa Pastrana


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