Desert Bridal Session in Dubai

Jun 04, 2015 | Bridal Style
Today we're being whisked away to the magical scenes of Dubai by film photographers Vicki Grafton and Rensche Mari. Filled with hot sand, sultry gowns by Gossamer, enchanting architecture of the Al Sahra Desert Resort resort, and the cutest camel ever (okay, maybe we are the only ones that think that!)... this desert bridal shoot surely makes us want to visit Dubai! Our suggestion for bridal sessions is to let the natural backdrop of where you are take center stage in order to feel more natural and more you.... From Vicki Grafton Photography: "For these two bridal shoots, we were inspired by the simplicity of our exotic desert locations. Photographed in film at the stunning Bab Al Shams Resort and Al Sahra Desert Resort we hoped to capture the elements and feel of the resorts paired with delicate vintage gowns from Gossamer and simple yet elegant florals. Keeping hair and makeup natural and relaxed these styled shoots hopefully provide non-traditional inspiration for brides dreaming of an exotic desert wedding or elopement." VickiGraftonPhotography-Desert-DubaiWeddingPhotographer-25 Vicki Grafton Photography VickiGraftonPhotography-Desert-DubaiWeddingPhotographer-20 Vicki Grafton Photography renschemarifilm-12 Rensche Mari VickiGraftonPhotography-DubaiWeddingPhotographer-2 Vicki Grafton Photography VickiGraftonPhotography-DubaiWeddingPhotographer-13 Vicki Grafton Photography VickiGraftonPhotography-Desert-DubaiWeddingPhotographer-8 Vicki Grafton Photography renschemarifilm-17 Rensche Mari renschemarifilm-21 Rensche Mari VickiGraftonPhotography-DubaiWeddingPhotographer-11 Vicki Grafton Photography VickiGraftonPhotography-DubaiWeddingPhotographer-31 Vicki Grafton Photography VickiGraftonPhotography-DubaiWeddingPhotographer-5 Vicki Grafton Photography renschemarifilm-7 Rensche Mari renschemarifilm-19 Rensche Mari
Vendor Details
Photography: Vicki Grafton Photography and Rensche Mari | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab and The Find Lab | Florals: Dariana Flowers | Dress: Gossamer | Hair & Makeup (for the camel shoot): Liv Rideg | Hair & Makeup (for the other photos): Katrina Sherman | Location: Al Sahra Desert Resort


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Amelia - 2 March 2017

I love these pictures! The flower arrangement is gorgeous! I would love to do something similar with my own bridal bouquet. Can someone give me a breakdown of what flowers were used in this bouquet and also what type of material used to tie the bouquet together? Very beautiful!

Thank you!

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