Country barn wedding ~ Debs Ivelja Photography

Aug 07, 2013 | Weddings
We have a stunning country barn wedding on the blog for you today from one of our sponsors, Debs Ivelja Photography. I have a special place in my heart for any photography from Debs as she was Mr Sparrow and my wedding photographer. I love to keep up with Debs' work through other blogs and this wedding of Katie and Tim is the perfect example of why Debs is a great photographer... From Katie ~ "From the moment I found Debs online (through a chain of friends of friends) I immediately fell in love with her style. We aren't ones for posing for pictures together and wanted our day to be captured in action. Debs reassured me that although we get the necessary ‘group’ shots for the parents photo albums, we would focus on capturing the day naturally and that’s exactly what she achieved. We are thrilled to bits with them all, and feel every inch of our day was captured in exactly the style we wanted. In my head from the start of planning the wedding was ‘Midsummer Nights’ with a hint of vintage. I wanted to go rustic, and simple. I based the colour palette on the Bridesmaids Ghost dresses which were a vintage sea green. From there I went with creams, browns and the vintage green. I had a seriously tight budget, so needed to focus on creating something cheap but effective, so large tissue Pom Pom’s in Greens and Whites worked amazingly, and created an amazing effect hanging at different lengths from the marquee." Tim & Katie 0009 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0103 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0015 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Tim & Katie 0004 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0069 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja "I wore a Benjamin Roberts lace fish tail dress called ‘Paris’ along with a similar laced mid veil.  It was initially a strapless sweetheart neck line, but I added the halter-neck lace strap to break up the amount of skin on show! I wore a pair of cream mid heel pointed shoes with a sparkly toe by the Rainbow Club. I was given Tiffany Pearl earrings by Tim on the morning of the wedding. I wore nothing else, I kept it simple and my hair was back combed into a Bridget Bardot half up half down style! My four Bridesmaids wore floor length sea green Ghost dresses with a high neck and low back that tied into a chiffon tie." Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0072 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Tim & Katie 0406 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0240 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0270 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0302 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0265 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0348 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja "We did things slightly differently at our wedding. Each table had a dedicated chef. They were given a chef hat and apron and a poem explaining their duty for the day. Each table was given a loin of pork with crackling, and the chef would carve for the meat for the table. Big bowls of roast potatoes, roasted vegetables, and tons of gravy and apple sauce were shared. It was a nice way to break the ice for those who didn’t know each other, and it was also hilarious for us to see everyone in their chef attire! Later on we put on a free bar (supplied all the booze before hand from Majestics and Macro) We had a full bar, and Tan House created a ‘Sea Breeze’ cocktail that run all night. (it was strong!!) We then had an amazing Fish and Chip Van come along in the evening to feed our day and evening Guests. (Fishers Food, Newdigate)." Tim & Katie 0394 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja DebsIveljaDuo1 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja "I decided to continue the rustic theme and go for simple rustic wild flower type bouquets. They did an amazing job of tying in the delicate peonies, with lavender and grasses. My aim was to make them look as though I had picked them myself but with an elegant touch. They were creams, purples and greens tied together with raffia." Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0528 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0518 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0544 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0596 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja "I wanted to keep costs down. I spent the 9 months before ordering everything on eBay and amazon, and slowly getting enough to create exactly what I wanted! For the tables, I got cream vintage bird cages and had battery operated church candles inside, along with ivy to decorate. We had the pom poms as a running theme throughout the barn and the marquee. I also made a photo time line with brown string and little brown pegs. This ran all the way round the side of the barn in the Foto Pod and tea and coffee/present area. We bought A LOT of battery operated lighting, and had them covering every bit of the marquee poles, beams in the barn. It looked amazing at night. I also wanted to do the little touches. We had a basket of flip flops for the ladies, we had a picnic basket of blankets with a chalk board saying ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ and various other little touches such as toilet packs for the girls and boys. Our favours were little white bags filled with old style sweets." Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0519 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0584 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0772 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0787 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Debs Ivelja Photography K&T-0768 Photography ~ Debs Ivelja Tips and advice for other couples planning their big day: "Facebook stalking! I went on every single wedding album I could get my eyes on through friends of friends and stole ideas! I also found Pinterest THE best app to download. It’s INCREDIBLE. And I created my very own wedding story board. It gives you so many ideas, and is just generally easy to use!" A huge thanks to Debs Ivelja and Katie and Tim for sharing their big day with us! Vendor details: Photography: Debs Ivelja Photography // Bride’s Dress: Benjamin Roberts via Brides Visited // Accessories: Tiffany Pearl Earrings // Groom’s Attire: Suit by Next, with Topman ties // Bridesmaid's Attire: Ghost  // Groomsmen’s Attire: Suit by Next with Topman ties // Venue: The Old Greens Barn // Catering: Tan House // Evening Catering: Fishers Food (Fish and Chip Van) // Flowers: ‘Trimmings’ by Kate & Anna Walton // Cake: Cakes & Cones // Paper Goods: Amazon & Ebay // Photo Booth: Fotopod  


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