Bright Spring Wedding Floral Ideas

Apr 13, 2015 | Inspiration
We love how film photographers photo-duet Postscriptum & Tamara Gigola couldn't shake off winter, so they decided to just create spring themselves! The bright and cheery colors of the gorgeous florals by Flowerbazar are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Did you catch a glimpse of that whimsical floral wall full of single blooms? Everything about this lovely shoot is youthful, lively and has a sense of renewal - all things that spring tends to bring us in the new year... From Alina of Postscriptum: "Russian winter is very long. That’s why after the New Year holiday we were waiting for the spring so much. One January day, the idea of this inspiration shoot came to Tamara and me. The whole week the sun was hiding behind the clouds, it was snowing, then raining, then snowing again… Everything around us was grey and frozen. Everything but not our hearts, which were excited while we were preparing for this shoot. We hadn’t got a lot of time for preparations, but the team was truly amazing and we succeed to realize all our dreams and fantasies. The shooting day was also a grey one, but the moment our model entered the studio and the florists brought all these bright and aromatic flowers and the designer brought the delicate dresses… The spring came to our room! And even the sun appeared from the grey January clouds during the shoot. Our model was like the spring herself! She was dreaming about the flowers and enjoying every petal like a little girl. She was very romantic and tender like a snowdrop. The atmosphere was so marvelous, that we wanted this moment to last forever!" postscriptum_gigola26 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola20 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola02 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola15 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola22 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola61 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola10 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola36 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola49 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola postscriptum_gigola60 PostScriptum Photo & Tamara Gigola
Vendor Details
Photography: photo-duet Postscriptum & Tamara Gigola | Film Lab: Lighthouse Film Lab | Makeup & Hair: Mariia Briunina | Florals: Flowerbazar | Dresses: Svetlana Evstigneeva Couture House | Silk Ribbons: Silkyrivers


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