Blackberry and gold inspired Midsummer Nights Dream

Dec 23, 2014 | Inspiration

After meeting the lovely Elisabeth Cardich from A Very Beloved Wedding at the recent Pearl & Godiva workshop, we know first hand that she has an eye for detail and style. Together with photographer Melanie Nedelko they created this stunning riverside blackbery, gold and green inspired wedding shoot and we love it! Using the inspiration from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', they created beauty using natures background as a focal point...

So we grew together,

Like to a double cherry, seeming parted,

But yet an union in partition;

Two lovely berries moulded on one stem;

So, with two seeming bodies, but one heart.

- Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night´s Dream

From A Very Beloved Wedding: "We took inspiration of this magical and surreal text passage, creating contrasts between the rocky and sharp scenery and the softness of the bride, her skin and the fabrics used. There is no union without separateness, there is no joy and love without solitude and partition. Different grey colored and shaped stones, stones of gold, deep blue juicy water, dark berries that make a shy vow towards nature and soft white, creme dresses are the reminiscence of a fairytale and of a painting where everything falls into the right place.  The color palette we used are dark blackberries, soft greens, off white and creme. Colors repeatedly disclaimed in the flowers, the decoration of the table setting and the furniture from the 18th century."

Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_35 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_39 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_15 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_12 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_13 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_31 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_33 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_42 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_64 Melanie Nedelko Styled_Shoot_Reichenau_melanienedelko_61 Melanie Nedelko

Vendor details

Photography: Melanie Nedelko | Film Lab: UK Film Lab | Wedding Design & Styling: Elisabeth Cardich from A Very Beloved Wedding | Flowers: FlowerUp | Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist: MUA Angie | Gowns: Jenny Packham | Headpieces: Niely Hoetsch | Shoes: Viviane Fiedler | Engagement Ring: O. Schön | Cake & Macaroons: Dagmar Pauser Kuchen mit Stil | Stationery: Wald und Schwert | Model: Judith Thaler Tempo Models | Shot on Location at Reichenau an der Rax - Austria


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