Bare Process : The New Workshop in Town

Aug 07, 2018 | Industry

"Instruction for photographers through practical sketchbook envisioning and a focus on self-identification."

The main discussion I hear from my industry peers is the difficulty that they find choosing workshops in what seems to be a saturated industry. The truth is, there are a few learning experiences out there that are truly beautiful ones too and it's our mission here at WS to ONLY recommend the best. The ones where the imagery is styled to perfection in a high end educated way. The ones where you can actually learn specific and personal information tailored to you. The ones where you get to meet a group of likeminded individuals that you can bond with and rely on long after the workshop has finished. Ones that focus on the inner business workings of shooting film in the wedding industry. That's why I was so excited to hear from Emily Michelson about the Bare Process workshop this September in Toronto.

Bare Process is different. Bare Process is about you. It’s about learning how to create. Emily and stylist Erica Kopp from Stay Co instruct you through sketchbook learning to allow you to show your ideas and how they were created in order to understand yourself as an artist. Sketchbooks are not just about drawing beautiful water colours. They are for rough work, experiments, inspiration and to refine your final product.

I'll be speaking at Bare about staying different and apart from the crowd as well as all things social, branding and the 'why' behind submissions. Don't think of this like a 1 hour presentation. I want to know about YOU. Your brand. Where you want to take it. What drives you. We'll walk through your marketing plan and how we present ourselves in the online world. We'll email. We'll chat. We'll stay in touch. Want to join Emily Michelson, Erica Kopp from Stay Co and Sweet Woodruff Florals, and me?

Bare Process : The New Workshop in Town Pin it
Bare Process : The New Workshop in Town Pin it
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From Emily: "We believe in working and connecting with you. At every workshop, there will be a one on one portfolio review. There will be a follow-up call two months after the workshop. As well, an information booklet from the meetings. There will be shoots in order to inspire you, and understand the method from start to finish. These shoots will focus on branding, commercial and lifestyle. Yes, that includes weddings. We only work in small shooting groups. This ensures that each person will have the time to direct and envision. We want you to connect with others and build your network, for each series there will be a Facebook group to understand the group's needs and for any questions. All images are for your use for submission or portfolio."

Bare Process : The New Workshop in Town Pin it
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"Toronto is a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers and home to a mosaic of culture. Experience the light-filled studios and white large windowed lofts that this city has to offer. Toronto will be home to our fashion inspired series with styled shoots right out of your favorite magazines."

Bare Process : The New Workshop in Town Pin it
Bare Process : The New Workshop in Town Pin it

Date: September 17th - 19th, 2018

Cost: $2,000 CAD

Location: Toronto, Canada


3 Styled Shoots (Bridal, Lifestyle, and Branding (For those of you looking to add a little more client work and starting to move into that industry)), One on One Portfolio review meeting and Headshots, a lecture from Emily explaining her sketch process, and implementation, a lecture from Erica (Stay Co), on the branding and her creative process, a lecture from Sara (Wedding Sparrow) on Marketing, pages of Emily’s personal sketchbook, access to private Facebook group with all of the attendees, small shooting groups and much more.


Sponsored by Photovision.

vendor details

Photographer: Emily Michelson | Stylist: Stay co | Photo Lab: Photovision | Hair & Make-up: Katie Adair | Sand Dunes Shoot: Clothing Sourcing: Evergreen Vintage | Models: Hailey Beth & Kennedy Shaver | Bridal Shoot: Models: Hannah Yandow & Rachel M. Brockbank | Group Editorial: Models: Brynley Arnold, Grayson Magleby & Dale Guthrie via Niya Models


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