Ballerina Bride and Pale Blue Wedding Ideas

Aug 20, 2015 | Inspiration

"Our arms start from the back because they were once wings."

- Martha Graham

Where are our elegant and graceful dancer brides? We truly envy you. Whilst most of us don't have the talent, everyone can appreciate the classic beauty that is ballet. Film photographer Magnolia Adam's Photography has always found so much inspiration from ballet and discovered a way to experience two of the things she loves most: photographing a ballerina bride. Not only do we find inspiration from this bride's clean lines and ethereal look, we are loving her pale blue Moliere Bridal gown. If you're a longtime Sparrow reader, you may know our affinity for all things misty blue! For more colored gown options, visit our 25 Best Colored Gowns post here or perhaps try this Asos V-Neck gown or this pale blue lace gown here...

From Magnolia Adam's Photography"I always desired to be beautiful and create things that were beautiful.  Ballet always evoked beauty to me, but I could not dance if my life depended on it.  However every time I would hear music I could picture myself as a ballerina.   I grew up on the coasts of California and the shells in the shoot are ones I've collected from all over the world.  Now that I live in Oklahoma, the scenery does not compare.  One is not any less beautiful than the other, you just simply have to look.   As much as I wish my talent were ballet, I'm thankful I can create lovely things with my camera.  I loved that quote by Martha Graham that our arms were once wings.  And maybe by incorporating film we can see how our eyes were supernatural too." 2015-06-24_0547 Magnolia Adams Photography 2015-06-24_0535 Magnolia Adams Photography 2015-06-24_0492 Magnolia Adams Photography 2015-06-24_0497 Magnolia Adams Photography 2015-06-24_0504 Magnolia Adams Photography 2015-06-24_0526 Magnolia Adams Photography 2015-06-24_0490 Magnolia Adams Photography 2015-06-24_0507 Magnolia Adams Photography 2015-06-24_0499 Magnolia Adams Photography
Vendor Details
Photography: Magnolia Adam's Photography | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Hair: Blo OKC | Dress: Moliere Bridal | Calligraphy: Diane Madrid Lettering


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