Autumn’s Warmth

Dec 04, 2014 | Inspiration

As we move forward into cozy Winter, cable knits and hot drinks, Mariel Hannah and Mint Design have one last send off for the Autumn season for us with this beautiful bridal session full of the delicate changing colours of Fall. Grab yourself a cup of English tea and stay a while...

From Mariel Hannah: “She awoke.. Breathing in cool autumn air just as the morning ray begin to trickle in through her open windows.  She entangles herself deeper into the warm linen, welcoming the warmth it provides a comparison to the cool air that filled her home during her evenings rest. There she lay, admiring the stillness and hush of the morning.  Just beyond her walls the leaves turn, changing colors from that of green to vibrant hues of reds and yellows.  “This” she thought “..This is when life is in harmony, this moment of in-between which is to be of imperfection but in fact is perfection…”

As we send our farewell to warm days and luminous sunsets, I gladly welcome the cool season that will soon envelop our hearts. For me, there is no better season than that of autumn. A season when nature freely offers much inspiration.

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We're loving the emphasis of writing sweet letters to a loved one! Will you be writing some love letters for your beau before the big day?

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Photography: Mariel Hannah Design & Style: Mint Design Florals: Mint Design | Sheets & Bedding: Anthropologie | Dress: Free People


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