7 stylish looks for mother of the bride (and groom)

Oct 20, 2021 | Planning

After yours and your bridesmaids, next on the dress list are your wonderful mums who will want to look their absolute best on your special day. In our experience, mothers of the bride and groom can find dress shopping quite overwhelming so they will really appreciate your input when it comes to choosing a gown that flatters and fits well. It's never too late to start looking, in fact starting a year in advance will ensure you can choose from the right seasonal options for when your wedding rolls around 12 months later. Looking for a summer dress in winter is always going to be tricky, right?

Today we're sharing seven lovely looks for mothers of the bride and groom, curated by Fine Art Curation member McSween Photography. From a blush two-piece and elegant patterned gown, to an off-the-shoulder black number and metallic pewter dress with lace overlay, there's lots to inspire the important ladies in your life.

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A fitted midi dress with matching jacket is a timeless mother of the groom or bride look that always feels stylish and put together. Picking a shade to match the bridal flowers (but ideally not the same color as the bridesmaids) will make for pretty pictures.

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We love a good pattern but do approach with caution when you're the mother of the bride or groom to avoid any color clashes and standing out too much. The wonderfully soft watercolour pattern of the gown above achieves the tricky feat of complimenting the surroundings while feeling modern and unique. Hats off mama!

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For a formal black tie wedding, opting for a chic black number is sure fire winner. Showing a little skin and going sans hat or headpiece is advisable to avoid a sombre look.

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Metallics are a fabulous option for a touch of glamour, particularly for fall and winter weddings when paler shades can feel too summery. From gold and bronze, to silver, pewter, champagne and rose gold - there's a metallic to suit every hair color and skin tone.

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A light jacket is always a good idea, particularly if you feel self-conscious of your arms. We love how the brocade patterned jacket above is paired with a matching flowing gown and pearls for an elegant look.

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Picking out a detail of your daughter's dress to highlight in your own is a lovely idea. We love how the midnight blue 1920s style gown above ties in beautifully with the beadwork on the bride's dress.

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An asymmetrical neckline is a nice way to liven up a simple understated dress in a neutral hue. Remember if in doubt, simple is best as you can't be competing with the bride!

All images by McSween Photography


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