7 Simple Tips for Iconic Getting Ready Images

Mar 02, 2021 | Planning

Most brides will say that getting ready with her 'maids was one of the most memorable parts of the entire wedding day. On the morning of, there's nothing more fun than gathering your girls for breakfast, cocktails, primping, and quality time. To make this time even more special, you'll want to ensure that you're getting ready in a way you'd want captured on camera.

How you do that is entirely up to you. For some brides, asking her bridal party to dress in coordinating attire is the ticket. For others, it means gifting everyone a personalized shirt or robe to wear while they have their hair and makeup done. Others, still, may choose to get glammed up in a unique place, like the bride's childhood home or her favorite spa. No matter what you wear or where you get ready, it's important to remember that this will be a highly-photographed time. After all, you're not just creating memories on your wedding morning; you're saving them, too. That's why it's so important that you all look and feel great by the time the photographer enters the bridal suite.

Since your pro will be documenting the wedding morning, we have Fine Art Curation member Manda Weaver with some sage advice to ensure these getting-ready snaps are as stylish as can be.

"You have spent so much time carefully selecting everything about your wedding day. Your venue, your gown, your flowers, your shoes, the menu, and so much more. In the midst of the planning it is easy to overlook the beginning of your wedding day. But the start of your day, the environment you select, will set the tone for how your wedding day flows. And of course will be the backdrop of the images that will help you remember the beautiful moments that unfold as you prepare to promise forever to the love of your life."


Select a location that fits with the aesthetic of your wedding. Consider the artwork, furniture, decor, and wall treatments that are in each location. Are they in line with the design of your wedding day.

7 Simple Tips for Iconic Getting Ready Images Pin it
7 Simple Tips for Iconic Getting Ready Images Pin it
7 Simple Tips for Iconic Getting Ready Images Pin it


Ensure that your getting ready space contains multiple windows so your images can be captured with natural light which is the most flattering light available.

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Plan to put your dress on in a different room than the location of Hair and Makeup room. This enables you to have a spacious and clear shot of that moment being zipped up in your wedding dress.

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Gather all of your Wedding details in a box for your photographer to capture before you get in the dress. This can include your perfume, shoes, garter, heirloom earrings, and even a styling mat if there is a specific color you'd like your details to be photographed against.

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Make sure the people you want to help you into your dress know that they will be filling this role, and that they will need to be fully dressed before they help you get into your gown. I recommend two, but no more than three people to help you into your wedding dress. This will ensure that the moment remains intimate, and that your photographer can capture iconic images of you as slip into the dress of our dreams.

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Layer your details on after you get into the dress… earrings, bracelet perfume, then shoes.These make for gorgeous process photos of your bridal look.

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Schedule the drop off of your bouquet with your florist so that it is delivered to your getting ready location before your photographer arrives. This will allow your photographer to capture detail images with the blooms, and bridal portraits that include your bouquet.

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Photography: Manda Weaver


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