6 Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

May 21, 2020 | Planning

We think that choosing your wedding cake - whether it’s pre-made or bespoke - should be a beautiful experience that complements the joy of your wedding journey. So today we have the incredibly talented Fen from MonAnnie here to advise us on all things cake! From dressing it, to deciding how big it should be, get ready to make notes....

"At MonAnnie, we work very closely with our couples to create something that tells their wedding story. This means we have had the pleasure of sharing the wedding journey of many couples. When deciding on your wedding cake, here are a few of the things we have learned from our couples along the way:

Don’t choose a cake until you’ve made your major wedding style decisions. Your wedding is made up of lots of different elements, curated to tell a story. Your cake is one of those elements, and you want each element to work cohesively as part of the story. In most cases other elements form the foundations of the story; it helps to have decisions on those details - venue, flowers, and styling for instance - made before choosing a cake design. We advise our couples to finalise their wedding cake 3 to 6 months before their wedding date."

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Don’t choose a flavour based on what everyone else wants. Your wedding is about you both, the love that you share, and celebrating that with your guests. Flavours, textures, and aromas provide experiences that linger, evoke memories, and create new ones. You don’t have to go with trends- choose the flavours you love. It can be anything from classic vanilla with strawberry jam and buttercream to coconut, lime and tarragon.

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Match the cake height to the space. Your cake is a work of art and not just food. It’s therefore important to consider the size of your room when designing it. If you are in a large orangery or marquee for instance, you might need a taller cake to create an impression. You don’t always have to have more cake to do this- your cake designer can add iced dummy tiers to add more height with no difference to the outward appearance of your cake.

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Have a budget in mind. The cost of your cake will depend on the design and the number of servings. A lot of skill and time goes into the construction of your cake, and some design elements can take several days (sometimes months) to create. Our advice is to have honest conversations with your cake designer who can advise on what would work best for you.

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Consider the dressing of the cake. It’s worth thinking beyond just the cake, and considering how you’d like it presented. What other elements would you like to be part of the display- linen, cake stand, flowers, and so on? Ask your cake designer about liaising with your florist, planner, and stylist on how this will come together on the day.

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Give your cake the spotlight. It’s important to consider the position of your cake- you want the best position for a cohesive look on the day that also gives the best natural light and backdrop for photography. Sometimes finding a balance can be tricky; talk this over with your team while designing your event space.

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Above all, enjoy the process and do what works for you.

A huge thanks to MonAnnie for providing the perfect wedding cake inspiration as well as guidance about one of the more last minute decisions us brides make along the way. You can visit her website here to see more cakey goodness!

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