6 antique wedding stationery ideas you’ll love

Aug 05, 2021 | Planning

Wedding stationery is sexier and more stylish than ever, with endless opportunities to tell your personal love story through the ancient medium of paper. Gone are the days when wedding stationery was made solely of card with generic flat printing. We have seen a revival in antique printing techniques like letterpress and the rise in popularity of hot foil printing. What do we love about these techniques? It’s all to do with the beautiful textures and countless design possibilities, according to luxury stationer, Asha Annauth from Babooche Calligraphy in London. Here she shares six gorgeous stationery ideas you can use to showcase antique printing techniques in a modern way.

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Foil and letterpress

Combining printing techniques in an invitation suite creates a serious style statement. Use foil printing to highlight the most important details like the couples names, or extra special parts of an invitation such as a hand drawn venue illustration. Letterpress printing traditionally uses an ink colour but you can also use no ink at all - a technique known as blind letterpress - for a beautiful subtle effect.

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Letterpress details

Letterpress printing select details such as calligraphy and a gorgeous hand drawn illustration of your venue creates character and gives your invitation suite a really personal touch. Embossed foil details such as a crest on the envelope flaps can also be added for greater impact and a luxurious heritage feel.

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Letterpress on leaf paper

If you want to give your stationery a natural organic feel, letterpress printing on petal, seed or leaf paper is a beautiful option. These unusual papers are not suitable for your normal laser or inkjet printer as the textures will get caught inside. The pillowy impression you get from letterpress printing on these soft papers is stunning.

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Tonal letterpress ink

Creating a suite with letterpress ink colors that are tonal to the paper colors is a unique option. Details can be highlighted using blind letterpress together with traditional letterpress printing in one piece. Letterpress most often creates a debossed effect into a paper’s surface, however we can also create an embossed effect on a printing press, shown on the envelope flap in this suite.

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Classic letterpress printing

A letterpress invitation or save the date can be created in huge range of ink colors. Using Pantone guides we mix each ink shade according your personal wedding color palette for the perfect match.

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Foil printing

When it comes to foil printing, gold is a popular choice but it certainly isn't the only one. You can choose from a huge variety of colors and they don't have to be metallic. Matt foil colors such as black or white give a lovely contemporary feel. Foil printing can be applied to all kinds of materials such as handmade paper and box lids to give your wedding stationery suite a high end feel.

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