5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Photos Timeless

Nov 16, 2020 | Planning

With so much access to wedding photography and inspiration on the internet, it's no wonder we all put so much pressure on ourselves for everything to look perfect. So we've collaborated with Paris-based film photographer Rachel McCarthy Photography to discuss 5 ways in which you can help make your wedding photos more timeless. Rachel is the perfect expert to help our brides, as being based in both Paris and California, not only is she the luckiest photographer we know, Rachel knows what it takes to get an incredibly elegant and timeless shot...

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You have spent hours and hours dreaming of your wedding day, planning the gorgeousness down to the smallest details. Did you forget something? One of the ways to insure that your wedding will be captured in the prettiest ways possible is consulting with your wedding photographer about timing. The timing is so important when it comes to capturing your wedding in the best way possible light wise. Things to consider are; whether you will be in direct light during the ceremony, if your reception is outdoors, will it be available and set up for the photographer at least 30 minutes before the start of the reception? And finally, the time of the day when the lighting is most pretty and soft is the golden hour. This time starts about one hour before the sunsets, it’s the most romantic and complementary light of the day. This is the time if possible to be doing your couples portraits!

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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Photos Timeless Pin it
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Imagine you’ve just received your wedding images back from your photographer and all you see during the ceremony and aisle procession/recession is a sea of your guests, all behind their cell phones and oh no…the occasional iPad! Unfortunately, although we love our iPhones, we forget how distracting and unsightly they are, especially during your wedding ceremony. We want our guests to be present, taking in this special moment. As photographers, we are there to professionally capture these moments for you and it is also distracting for us when a potential shot can be ruined due to someone jumping in front of us with their device. It’s for these reasons we believe it might be time to rethink the use of cell phones at your ceremony.

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Going with the theme of caution with cell phones, this can be another big issue when it comes to the look of your ceremony. From large speakers systems flanking the end of the aisle to vendor equipment, these are things that can be easily avoided. Ask your vendors and or wedding planner ahead of time exactly how the ceremony set up with look to make sure your ceremony is as pretty as can be. Unfortunately those giant poles can not always be photoshopped after, sorry!

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Avoid trends and meaningless props. Wedding trends come and go, some ideas are really great, while others don’t seem to hold meaning or a place at the wedding years later. Think about the items that you bring to your wedding and what meaning they hold to you. That is what you will look back on many years from now after trends fade. I love the idea of photographing treasured items in a non posed fashion to help bring out the significance in a timeless way.

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There is no question that film translates light, color and skin tones to make luminous and pretty images. Many brides become attracted to the look of film without even knowing that it is actually film because it works so well at making the images look romantic, airy and timeless. If you want that pretty soft look, you will need to use a film photographer to create those gorgeous bridal portraits. Although digital has come a really long way, especially with the more affordable medium format cameras that are now on the market, it still can not replace the artistry and overall look film provides.

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Rachel is a destination wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Paris and California. Born and raised on the beaches of Santa Barbara, California, she brings a unique twist by pairing her background of relaxed California style and the chic and fashion forward elegance of Paris. She is inspired by natural light and organic style images.

"My real passion for photography started when I discovered medium format film. Without film, I do not think I would be a photographer today. I love its high quality, rich colors, the way light translates and the timeless feel you get from it. Photography for me is a way to contribute to someones memories, emotions and enjoyment of a special moment in time. As our recollections fade, our images remain and that my friends, is magical.

For the past 9 years, I have be photographing wedding and events professionally all over the world. My work has been featured in numerous print and online publications including Style Me Pretty, Vogue Italia, Wedding Chicks, Flutter Magazine, Grey Likes Weddings, Culture Trip and many more.."

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