5 top tips to choose your wedding videographer

Nov 03, 2022 | Planning

Take it from someone whose one wedding regret is not hiring a videographer, capturing your big day on film is always a good idea. Your wedding day whizzes by in a haze of emotion so it's wonderful to relive those precious moments and experience your day from a different perspective.

A wedding video is a lasting memory of your day, capturing real reactions, tear-jerking moments and the overall atmosphere; something you can’t always feel from photographs. You will also have something to share with family members who couldn’t be there, and for future generations to treasure. So how do you choose a wedding videographer to capture your day just how you want it? Read on for our top tips, courtesy of destination wedding photography and videography team and Fine Art Curation members, Jacob and Pauline.

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1. Consider the style of video you like

Just like photographers, wedding videographers each have their own distinctive style, so it’s really important to identify how you want your special day to be captured. Do you want a journalistic style that documents your day in a linear format as it happens from start to finish? Or would you prefer a cinematic wedding video that is filmed more like a movie, focusing on the emotion and drama of the day?

Take time to look through different wedding videos to see which style you are drawn to, then look at the portfolios of wedding videographers to see if their work matches what you’re looking for. For us, a wedding film should be about capturing a couple’s love story, which is why we focus on the spirit and emotion of the day. This helps us produce heart-felt cinematic films that capture all the tears and laughter as it naturally unfolds.

How to book wedding videographer Pin it

How to book wedding videographer Pin it

2. Book and budget ahead

Like photographers, videographers are usually one of the first vendors that couples book and with wedding videos becoming more popular, great videographers are getting booked up earlier and earlier - especially on peak dates. Aim to book around 12-18 ahead of your wedding date.

When it comes to budget, allocate the same amount for your wedding videographer as you do for your photographer. The only thing you have after your wedding is the photos, video and memories... everything else disappears after the wedding or gets used up on the day. Photo and video is an investment not just another cost.

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3. Confirm what is included in the price

Before signing a contract, it's important to confirm how long the videographer will be on site filming, plus exactly what services are included in the fee. For example, many couples are requesting short highlight reel versions of their wedding videos to share on social media, so if this is something you would like, check whether it is included or incurs an extra charge to edit.

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4. Ask for testimonials from recent weddings

When booking your wedding vendors, there's nothing quite like personal recommendations to reassure you and put your mind at ease, especially with big investments such as wedding photography and videography. Reputable videographers will be happy to share testimonials from previous clients and you may even be able to chat directly with them to find out more about their experience.

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5. Choose someone you feel relaxed and connect with

You're inviting this person to witness and document one of the most special days of your life so it's crucial that you feel comfortable with them. Choose someone who you feel totally relaxed and an easy rapport with, so you can be just be yourself and feel confident that they are capturing every special moment.

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