5 stunning east coast wedding venues

Oct 05, 2021 | Planning

Scouting wedding venues is an exciting part of the planning process and it's best to start by narrowing down your options based on location and guest count. East coasters have lots of beautiful options but how do you sort the wow from the so-so? With our expert advice of course! Today Charleston-based wedding photographer and Fine Art Curation member Amy Mulder shares her favorite east coast wedding venues that you're sure to love too.

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Lowndes Grove

Starting in my hometown of Charleston, a standout property is Lowndes Grove. It boasts beautiful natural light; the best front entry way and an upstairs porch that will have you swooning for days. I also love the outdoor area along the Ashely River as it connects with the Charleston Harbor of the Atlantic Ocean. The possibilities are endless at this location and it perfectly serves couples looking for a fine art luxury wedding venue.

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Montage at Palmetto Bluff

An hour and a half south of Charleston, in Bluffton South Carolina, is Montage at Palmetto Bluff. Couples come from all over the country to celebrate their wedding here. It is an experience for couples and guests alike, with its full service hotel, boating, pools, bikes, impressive views and many areas to explore.

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River Oaks

Just outside of Charleston, River Oaks is a little piece of South Carolina heaven that emotes Italian vibes. It is perfectly tucked away and feels like your wedding is the only thing that exists. From a warm welcome area for your guests, a full grazing table space, to all sorts of magical lounging areas, it is ideal for couples who want a European vibe paired with southern charm.

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​​Vizcaya Museum and Gardens by Amy Mulder Pin it

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Down in Miami, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is beyond magical. If you want to feel transported to a completely different world, Vizcaya is it. One location with a variety of backdrops, creating countless portrait opportunities and areas for your guests to explore. Vizcaya offers so much character and is a structural feast for the eyes.

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Top of the Rock by Amy Mulder Pin it

Top of the Rock

New York City has always held a special place in my heart. I love visiting big cities, especially finding pockets that feel like you are in a small town. I also love that in a place that has such a plethora of people, it's still possible to find so many spots that allow you to feel like you're the only one around. Top of the Rock will always be one of my fondest memories of shooting in the city, and has one of the most iconic views.

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