5 reasons why elopements are a great idea

May 17, 2022 | Planning

Is there anything more romantic than eloping with your lover to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony? We think not! Elopements are seeing a huge resurgence as an alternative to big wedding shindigs that, let’s be honest, can cost a fortune and be mighty stressful.

Of course the pandemic has a part to play too, with Covid restrictions causing many couples to rethink their plans and often deciding to scale things back in favour of a small celebration that can be just as special as a big soirée. We asked California wedding photographer and Fine Art Curation member, Grace Aston, who shoots many elopements on the Californian coast, to share her thoughts on why elopements are a great idea.

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1. Save money

With the average cost of weddings reaching $28,000 in 2021, according to The Knot, it can feel uncomfortable or totally unrealistic for many couples to spend so much on a single day when the funds can go towards a deposit on a house or raising a family. A small intimate elopement can save you thousands, helping you realise other expensive dreams while also getting legally married. You may also be able to elope with a lovely level of luxury that you might not be able to afford if hosting an entire wedding.

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2. Avoid family politics

Whether your families are totally harmonious or fractured and distant, weddings can be a very testing time for family politics. From guest list issues to seating plan trouble, unwelcome opinions to travel arrangements, it can feel impossible to keep everyone happy on a day that should really focus on the happiness of you and your beau. Deciding to elope can alleviate all these issues and you can choose to invite immediate close family or no one at all if you prefer to totally escape all the drama.

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3. You don't enjoy the spotlight

For every bride who can't wait to be the centre of attention on her wedding day, there's one who can think of nothing worse than having everyone staring at her. If the latter is you, an intimate elopement is the perfect option. You don't need to get married in front of hundreds of guests for it to be special and memorable. You may simply want it to be about you and your relationship, not a big party that involves lots of expense and planning. And that's OK, it's your wedding.

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4. You don't like to plan

If the idea of planning a wedding and all that entails brings you out in a sweat, choosing to elope could be just for you. Yes, employing a wedding planner alleviates a lot of the stress and hard work, however that does come at an expense and you'll still need to make lots of decisions. Elopements are ideal for couples prioritize getting married over having a wedding because it can be as simple as ceremony on the beach followed by a champagne picnic. An elopement can be whatever you want to be. How incredibly freeing!

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5. It's exciting to share a secret

The period between getting married and telling everyone is such an exciting time! There's something really romantic and special about sharing this secret, a time to cherish until you're ready to tell the world your big news. And what a fun story to tell the grandchildren one day!


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