5 reasons why a small wedding is a good idea

Apr 07, 2022 | Planning

The pandemic wreaked havoc on the wedding industry but it presented an opportunity to explore the silver linings of an intimate celebration with less guests and less stress. While we’re excited to get back into the swing of bigger weddings (it’s so much fun to see everyone get together after so much time apart!), we believe there is still a place for mirco weddings of less than 40 guests.

"There are some timeless aspects of an intimate wedding that makes us hope small weddings are here to stay," explains Kirsten Rezek from Toronto wedding planner and Fine Art Curation member, Nobl Events. "They are special in a very different way to large events and are becoming more appealing as couples look to celebrate in a truly meaningful and intimate way." Tempted by a small soirée? Kirsten shares five reasons why a small wedding is a good idea.

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1. The intimacy between you and your guests

There is an unparalleled atmosphere when a couple is able to sit amongst their guests at an extended kings table (a trend our brides and grooms have been embracing over recent years) and talk with each other. There is an ease and a leisure that takes over the evening and it's just so lovely to experience it.

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2. You can slow down and really enjoy your day, your way

A small guest means less time is needed to move through each part of the day. We find that our couples walked slower, laughed longer, took more moments to kiss and take everything in, while still being able to keep on schedule and to plan.

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3. You don't have to compromise on design or style

When there are less people to think about, there is more room to really invest in beautiful details. Whether it's the deckled edge handmade paper for your invitation suite or that chic gold cutlery and stunning charger plate... a smaller guest list means you can afford the details you really want. And of course florals, my goodness you can go for florals galore! Being able to create a dream like day that spoils the entire guest list is so much fun.

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4. The slower pace allows your photographer to be more creative

This harkens back to how couples can slow down and enjoy your day. Photographers are also able to slow down and capture so much more. They can really get creative with what and where they can capture their couples because they can make every moment scheduled for photography count. When there are less people to get through there are so many more opportunities to capture unexpected moments.

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5. You can spend quality time with every guest

At a regular wedding of 100+ guests it is difficult to chat with everyone and you can feel pressured and stressed to split your time evenly among family and friends. Two feelings that really don't belong on your wedding day! Intimate weddings are particularly appealing to introverts who prefer meaningful conversation with a few loved ones rather than small talk with lots of people.

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