5 Bridal Hairstyles for the Modern Bride

May 19, 2021 | Bridal Style

We know you LOVE inspiration when it comes to hair and beauty so we're thrilled to showcase more bridal hair inspiration for different types of hair! Whether it's super curly or super straight, you might find something here that is perfect for a modern and contemporary event, thanks to Cali Stott Artistry and Fine Art Curation member Lindley Battle Photography...


Want some texture but keeping your hair off your face too? This pulled back style adds height and fun. Brides are opting for more effortless looks. A lot of recent wedding styles are all about texture. Bridal hair is changing; it’s more and more cool girl styles and we are moving away from fixed curls and a heavily sprayed look. Natural and a bit more undone is the new chic.

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A classic and something for the more timeless bride. Paired with a sleeker, more modern dress really gives this a juxtaposition. Top tip - Prepare your hair with deep hydrating conditioning treatments – both in salon and at home – at least six months before the wedding so that it’s in tip-top condition for your big day.

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If a fancy hair style just isn't 'you', don't be coerced into thinking you have to look a certain way. It's your wedding day after all, and sometimes the natural look is the best especially as it never dates! If you're thinking of having your hair down, don’t have any major colour or chemical treatment appointments too close to the wedding day. It is not the best time to try a dramatic new chemical treatment that will severely alter the health of your hair and experimenting should be done with a huge window of time so can you change what you don’t like.

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We're still loving our brides with pony tails and they're not just for the young ones. A tied up pony can add some fun to a sweet elopement or perhaps it is something you could do for your reception ready to dance the night away!

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Why not add a little interest to an otherwise more simply hairstyle? Adding fresh flowers (like this style) or some cute clips/pins would be the perfect way to make your shorter hair a little more special for the day.

If you have afro hair and want it in its best condition before the day, the best way to combat dry hair is to steam treat. Steam treatments allow water and conditioner to deep penetrate the hair shaft. Regular trims every six weeks to maintain your style and keep ends healthy and wrapping the hair with a silk scarf at night is a must.

Massaging the scalp with oils; this simple practice stimulates the secretion of sebaceous oils and stimulates blood circulation. Finally, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Most natural hair soaks up moisture like a sponge so moisturise daily with natural oils.

5 Bridal Hairstyles for the Modern Bride Pin it
5 Bridal Hairstyles for the Modern Bride Pin it

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Photographer: Lindley Battle Photography | Film Lab: Photovision | Floral Designer: Vivi's Blooms | Hair & Make-up Artist: Cali Stott Artistry | Bridal Shop: Ladies of Lineage


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