4 tips for choosing a great wedding stationery designer

Nov 16, 2021 | Weddings

You've set the date and found the perfect wedding venue, now it's time to choose your stationery. It's an exciting part of the planning process and a key part too, since the design of your paper goods sets the tone of the whole event and gives your guests a taster of what's to come.

Bespoke stationery is an investment, so how do you choose the right designer who will understand your vision and deliver a top service? Here's four top tips for choosing a great wedding stationery designer from luxury London stationer and Fine Art Curation member, Babooche Calligraphy. Founder Asha shares the most important things to consider before hiring a designer to create the perfect wedding stationery suite.

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1. Design aesthetic

Think carefully about the style of wedding stationery you’re looking for and how it will compliment the overall style of your wedding. When a guest receives your 'save the date' or invitation they should see a glimpse of the style that your celebration will bring. For example, the type of paper or card could indicate a relaxed or formal event, and the color of the paper and ink could reflect the overall color palette for the wedding. If a wedding will feature metallics in the design and styling, we like to include a hint of that same color in our stationery design with hot foil printing. Including illustrations within your stationery design, such as of your wedding venue or flowers, gives an extra special touch.

Take time to look through the portfolios and Instagram feeds of stationers you like to get a good feel for their style. Some stationery designers have an elegant and delicate old-world style, whereas others are brighter, bolder and more modern so it's important to choose someone who shares your desired aesthetic

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Stationery design elements

Most couples are totally new to the fine art stationery world and look to their designer to guide them on the details, such as what items are required, what wording to use, when to send each piece out to guests and the creative process to bring their vision to life. The draw of a bespoke stationery designer is their knowledge and expertise, and being able to order all items from a single source to ensure that your style remains consistent.

Bespoke stationers tend of offer the following items, which you can select from depending on your requirements and budget.

  • Save the date
  • Wedding invitation suite
    • Main invitation and matching size envelope
    • Evening invitations
    • Embellishments (wax seals, silk ribbon, tassels, eyelets, personalisation, twine, etc
    • RSVP card and matching size envelope
    • Details card / illustration map
    • Itineraries
  • Order of service booklets
  • Menus
  • Place cards
  • Wedding signage
  • Napkins, tags, etc
  • Additional invitations/details cards
  • Engagement party
  • Bridal shower
  • Rehearsal dinner
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Printing techniques

Wedding stationery design has really shifted in recent years and suites now feature a huge amount of detail and texture.It’s important to choose a designer that offers the full array of printing techniques, who can explain them to you and understand their limitations so you can make an informed decision. A good stationer will be open to discussing how you can achieve your design in a cost effective way. For example, by re-using design elements across stationery items, foil or letterpress plates can also be re-used.

Many quotes for bespoke stationery can seem quite high for several textured printing techniques, such as letterpress and hot foil, because they are time consuming and have taken the designer years to learn. Presses are also a huge investment. However a knowledgeable designer will be able to advise you how you can mix printing techniques in one design to achieve a beautiful design at a slightly lower cost.

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A wedding stationery suite and on the day items can take several weeks or even months to design and create, especially if it’s a bespoke design and you start with a 'save the date' as the first piece. You'll spend quite a lot of time talking to your wedding stationery designer so it’s important that you get on well.

Choose a designer that communicates well from the start, and is open to arranging a telephone call, zoom meeting or even an in-person meeting if possible. Hopefully you'll get a feel for their personality in the first meeting so you can choose someone who is calm, professional and reliable.

Stationery: Babooche Calligraphy | Photography: Anna Gianfrate

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