4 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon Photographed

May 16, 2019 | Honeymoon

With travel and honeymoon photography becoming more and more popular within the wedding industry, it's truly a mainstream luxury and we have our Fine Art Curation photographer Ben Yew on the blog today to tell us all about it.

"After being a travel and destination wedding photographer for a few years, I realised there is a missing piece for the couples in love after their wedding! Their honeymoon session either wasn’t documented at all, didn't do them justice or just didn’t portray what they actually felt during their honeymoon. Imagine getting lost in the dreamy and wanderlust landscape for photos. Your honeymoon is a chance to unwind and re-connect. Below is some advice on why to have your honeymoon photographed...

4 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon Photographed Pin it
4 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon Photographed Pin it
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It's not often you plan a trip like your honeymoon so why not make the most of it? You have always wanted to visit some amazing countries together and experience the local culture. From Paris, Dubai, Croatia to Nepal, Tokyo to anywhere else in the world that you have never been. Your first romantic stroll down the Seine in Paris or a relaxing Venetian gondola ride with the gondoliers singing “Volare” echoing in the background. Or you could be wandering through the local markets in Marrekesh or be floating in the clouds on a hot air balloon in Turkey.

Maybe it's hiking and camping in Iceland in front of the majestic waterfall. So leave the iPhone and selfie stick at home and get some incredible photographs taken instead, captured beautifully and spontaneously like a dream filled with love, light and happiness.

4 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon Photographed Pin it
4 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon Photographed Pin it
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If it's your dream to be remembered visually and displayed artistically on your wall or social media, honeymoon and travel photography is becoming more popular for couples who love travels and adventure. If you want to pass down your memories to future generations, consider film photography! Film captures everything so gently and timelessly so it's perfect for couples portraits and travel photography.

4 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon Photographed Pin it
4 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon Photographed Pin it
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Too many people stress over snapping pictures of their romantic adventures to show off to their friends and family, rather than concentrating on the reason that they are there in the first place. Alleviating the pressure of providing the perfect scrapbook by hiring a personal photographer allows you to focus on spending time enjoying each other’s company, rather than peering at each other through a camera lens! This way, walks on the beach and romantic dinner dates no longer need to be interrupted to catch that perfect shot of the sunset.

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These days, we center our lives around gathering the perfect snapshots to display to the 'gram. It’s easy to forget to enjoy the present moment when we’re too focused on documenting every second, with our eyes constantly looking through the iPhone camera screen, through an Instagram filter. Having your own photographer to document these moments for you allows you to take time to be in the present for your honeymoon, without the added worry of impressing your friends and families with stunning photos. This allows you to do all of the activities you want to while on your vacation, and spend every second basking in it while your photographer captures the special moments for you.

4 Reasons to Have Your Honeymoon Photographed Pin it

A huge thanks to Ben Yew for the advice today! Would you consider having part of your honeymoon photographed professionally? We've seen so many stunning location shoots, we know it would be hard to say no!

about ben yew photography

Ben Yew is an award winning photographer, avid traveller, destination and travel photographer based in Australia. His light filled finest moment captures have won him various international awards and receive lots of raves from his couples. Check out his breathtaking work on his beautiful website or drop him an email.


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