3 style wedding hair DIY tutorial

May 23, 2014 | Planning

We know our brides love a DIY wedding hair tutorial and today we have not one but THREE different styles originating from the first! How's that for efficient style?! Thanks to Abigail Bobo Photography and Amanda Morgan, brides can have one style for the daytime and easily turn it into something completely different for the evening reception! Amanda Morgan, the fabulous stylist responsible for hair and makeup, created a cross-back hair tutorial that is easy to create yourself or to take to a stylist. It's a great stand alone creation if you prefer to leave your hair down, or you can use it as a interesting jumping-off point for other styles (the side ponytail and a roll seen below!).


Steps for Cross Back wedding hair

1. Start with loosely curled hair.

2. Pick up a section at the crown and lightly tease for volume. Pin with two bobby pins in an 'x' shape.

3. Bring a section from the right over to the left and pin.

4. Bring a section from the left over to the right and pin.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until crossover reaches desired length. (usually 4-8 times)

6. When completing the final crossover, first pick up a section on the side that you are pinning to and pin the final crossover underneath it. Let the top section fall over the final section.

7. Fluff hair and lightly spray.

Wedding hair tutorial Abigail Bobo Photography DIY wedding hair Abigail Bobo Photography cross_back_hair_tutorial©2014abigailbobophotography005 Abigail Bobo Photography Tutorial for wedding hair Abigail Bobo Photography cross_back_hair_tutorial©2014abigailbobophotography008 Abigail Bobo Photography DIY wedding hair tutorial Abigail Bobo Photography cross_back_hair_tutorial©2014abigailbobophotography011 Abigail Bobo Photography


Ponytail DIY

Following on from the above steps, create a ponytail. Tie with a hair band and take a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail. Wrap around hair band and secure end with a bobby pin.

Ponytail wedding hair tutorial Abigail Bobo Photography Cross back hair tutorial Abigail Bobo Photography


Elegant up-do wedding hair DIY

Following on from the ponytail DIY tutorial above, create a roll. Gather hair to the far right (or left) and begin to twist towards the head. Continue to tightly twist into the head until a small end remains. Pin the end under the roll. Make and 'x' shape with bobby pins to insure a tight hold.

cross_back_hair_tutorial©2014abigailbobophotography016 Abigail Bobo Photography Rolled hair wedding hair DIY Abigail Bobo Photography cross_back_hair_tutorial©2014abigailbobophotography019 Abigail Bobo Photography

Vendor details

Photography: Abigail Bobo Photography | Film Lab: ProPhoto Irvine | Hair: Amanda Morgan


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