25 Best Wedding Cakes For the Fine Art Bride

Apr 29, 2015 | Weddings
Our '25 Best' series is back after popular demand! Still to this day, our 25 Best Wedding Dresses for the Fine Art Bride is our most popular feature and we definitely can see why. Our 25 Best Bouquets and 25 Best Hairstyles are also still wildly popular so we're adding on our favorite, delectable sweets. The beautiful slate blue and floral cake above, courtesy of D'arcy Benincosa, found here would be perfect for the romantic wedding! 2960a576594765410b9a58d7d8f54f21 Jen Huang Photography We heart the gold detailing on this lovely cake that mimics the gorgeous, organic florals by Lael Cakes, captured by Jen Huang Photography. c451cfb6c1da8c2ecf1770690303dd16 Laura Gordon Photography The slightly more narrow shape of this cake looks so chic and unique. Plus the detailing is gorgeous! Cake by Maggie Austin Cake, photographed by Laura Gordon Photography. 6340c493dd9c9e113a1f320945523f98 Jose Villa Photography Simple and sweet, perhaps with a natural adornment like a fruit or flower, is our favorite like this cake captured by Jose Villa! c08e52981c3f0653b2f7f3b81a370c40 Michelle Boyd Photography We absolutely heart the way this gorgeous cake by Michelle's Patisserie is styled. Lovely photo by Michelle Boyd Photography. bd22a702052808d152b9c433252aba77 Paula O'Hara Photography How about adding some plumes on your cake in lieu of florals? We love this cake, styled by Pearl & Godiva, photographed by Paula O'Hara. aedf439457e9d97839ad7fab256eaee7 Claire Graham Photography Tied up with a bow is always an excellent bet! Lovely photo by Claire Graham Photography! a17e5c076f20a7e6b7f7f0b96300ed38 Marissa Lambert Photography We heart this white and gold cake with varying layer sizes. This lovely luxe cake is by Melissa's Fine Pastries, photographed by Marissa Lambert Photography. tumblr_mqcrbmKrNU1qdk1qco1_1280 Elizabeth Messina Photography A classic wedding cake with a modern spin: how about that gold leaf garland? We love the touch of elegance, captured by Elizabeth Messina. 4920aa8de69dc51c21b13f46a4730849 Kayla Barker Photography Are you a romantic Fine Art bride? How about a bright white cake with a gorgeous floral swag to top it off! Oh, these peonies are gorgeous... cake by Layered Bake Shop, photo by our favorite Kayla Barker Photography. 1906e9fb17258995e55067ed0aa57337 Adam Barnes Photography We love this moodier colored cake from an elegant autumnal editorial by Adam Barnes Photography. This lovely cake by La Bella Torta is perfect for brides who want a more opulent color scheme! 6dfa6f0296877fef9c3693b0672cdab0 Jose Villa Photography This cake is as dainty and delicate as they come. Simply lovely cake photographed by Jose Villa from one of his amazing workshops in Italy! 614c5eb73627a911c3968649252efb0a Alexander James Photography Our Fine Art hearts skip a beat when we see foraged materials put to use in wedding design, or materials native to the location. How about these oyster shells? Lovely cake styled by Pearl & Godiva, photographed by Alexander James Photography. 605bd13cab76ce6f1735182b2ac58606 Rylee Hitchner Photography Or perhaps you are a detailed kind of Fine Art bride? This cake, photographed by Rylee Hitchner, is sure to wow your guests with the most beautiful rose appliqués and blush color by Scootabaker! 0156bd083020004088506c1d63b2ac81 Tec Petaja Photo If you are unsure, go the simple route. We love this one because it is simple, yet the textured layers add a bit of interest! Gorgeous photo by Tec Petaja. 84fa7b9f9be1f51f5eccf4623dae0b6c Laura Gordon Photography Eloping or having a small celebration? Doesn't mean you can't have a gorgeous cake! Love this mini by Maggie Austin Cake, photographed by Laura Gordon. 6f0b23b6d442b8a1a61dfa9e992a9189 Ozzy Garcia Photography Fine Art brides aren't afraid to do something different like ditch the round cake and go with something square! Gorgeous cake by E&M Cakes, photo by Ozzy Garcia Photography. 3d93f16dacbb10ef0e5fb9298e0e8b97 Odalys Mendez Photography We are loving this timeless and regal gold laurel cake, photographed by Odalys Mendez, that would be perfect for a Fine Art bride. 2a2acde2eb9a738c8da8736dc00bcea9 When He Found Her Photography Make a statement with a solid gold base for your wedding cake. To soften the look, we love how Sugarbelle Cakes placed a single blush bloom! Lovely photo by our favorite Canadian, When He Found Her. Catherine_Ann_Photography_acrimsonkiss Catherine Ann Photography Sometimes cakes are almost too pretty to eat, like this sweet blush and mint green cake photographed by Catherine Ann Photography, made by Hands On Sweets. d820dcb4770d1d63278a390ff3920441 Jose Villa Photography The use of natural textures and materials can take your cake from typical to unique. We love the creativity of this simple, yet beautifully interesting cake photographed by Jose Villa. f61ba5c1bd2853bf66143b78964718f6 Jen Huang Photography One of the easiest ways to keep your cake simple, yet memorable, is to coordinate the adornments and appliqués with the florals used in the wedding design! Gorgeous photo of this mint and cream colored cake by Jen Huang. 25_BEST_CAKES_ERICH_MCVEY Erich McVey Photography Another great way of styling your cake to perfection is finding a statement cake stand. Allow the cake to be more subtle like this one by I Am The Caker, photographed by Erich McVey. ea6290ad5c4d3f538abd45d76f95c245 Esther Sun Photo Our favorite color palette: pale blues and greys. We love how the texture of this cake, photographed by Esther Sun Photo and made by M Cakes Sweets, mimics the waves on a beach. 44f5b064b572c41682d8e0f31afec619 Lani Elias Photography This Maggie Austin Cake has the perfect combination of texture, florals and height differentiation! This cake was shot by Lani Elias at the Jose Villa Napa Valley Workshop.


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