21 all-white wedding cakes we love

May 11, 2022 | Inspiration

While there's no shortage of gorgeous wedding cake inspiration around, we think there's nothing chicer than all white wedding cake. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication after all! Simple certainly doesn't mean boring however, as you'll see from this collection of stunning all-white wedding cakes from our favourite fine art bakers. From dreamy ruffle cakes to five tier dramatic bakes, you're sure to find something you love.

White ruffle wedding cakes

A white ruffle wedding cake is a classic design that's chic and romantic, complimenting any wedding style. The ruffles can be made from different types of icing for different effects, including fondant, sugar paste and butter cream, or ruffles can also be made with rice paper for a more contemporary style.

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Cake: Sweet Celebrations | Photographer: Alix Gould

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Cake: Willow Wisp Cakes | Planning: Terrie Nelson Design | Photographer: Terrie Images

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Cake: Cake by Nicole | Photography: Beige Weddings | Planning and design: Ariel Chiu Events

White wedding cakes with sugar flowers

Sugar flowers are the most popular of cake decorations and there are lots of ways to get creative without adding color. We love the magnolia flowers, spray roses and delicate blossom-like blooms on the designs below.

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Cake: Dulcerella Custom Cakes | Photography: Denise and Bryan | Planning: Ivory and Sage Events

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Cake: Antonella Bakes | Photography: Troy Meikle

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Cake: Monannie Cakes | Photographer: Cristina Ilao

Wafer paper wedding cakes

Wafer paper (or rice paper) decorations are a big trend for wedding cakes right now. Once wet, rice paper becomes flexible and can be manipulated into various shapes such as sails, fans, flowers and abstract shapes that harden once dry.

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Cake: Ilenwe | Photographer: Ioana Porav

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Cake: What's More Cake | Photography: Troy Meikle

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Cake: Danielle Estrella | Photographer: Mashaida Co. & Lea Bremicker | Planner: Lea Stafford

Multi-tier white wedding cakes

Dramatic yet understated, four and five-tier white wedding cakes add a touch of luxurious opulence without feeling ostentatious due to the single colour and simple decoration.

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Cake: Poppy Pickering | Photography: Emma Pilkington Photography

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Cake: Poppy Pickering Cakes | Photography: Tabitha Stark

Simple two-tier white wedding cakes

Wedding cakes don't have to be extravagant to be beautiful. Wedding cakes can cost a small fortune so going for a chic understated design - or even buying a simple ready-made grocery store cake - can save you money without compromising on style.

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Cake: The Baked Lab | Photography: Jessica Bedore Photography

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Cake: Sassie Cakes | Image: Lindsay Lee Photo

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Cake: Shell's Sweets | Photography: Moe and Kev

Brocade white-wedding cakes

What could be more elegant than brocade decorated cake, imitating the richly decorated woven fabrics, to add a historical touch to your wedding day.

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Cake and photo: Rachel Miller Cake Design

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Cake: Monannie Cakes | Photographer: Cavin Elizabeth

Sculptural white wedding cake

Adding a 3D sculptural element to your wedding cake can increase the size and drama, without the cost.

White petal wedding cake Pin it

Cake: MonAnnie | Photographer: Eva Tarnok

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Photography: Jen Huang Photography

Modern white wedding cakes

Less is more with modern wedding cakes, with natural elements or abstract freeform decorations giving the feel of a contemporary piece of art. And why have one cake, when you can have 10? We love the idea of these mini cakes, one for each table of guests to share.

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Cake: Monannie Cakes | Photography: Cristina Ilao

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Photography: Jen Huang Photography | Styling: Federica Beni

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Photography: Radostina Boseva


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