15 antique-style engagement rings you’ll love

Apr 05, 2022 | Engagements

We love an antique engagement ring. There's nothing quite like the romance and craftsmanship of wedding rings from times gone by so it's little surprise vintage engagement rings remain so popular with brides looking for something truly unique. Sadly, quality antique engagement rings have became scarce over the last 30 years but all is not lost as many jewelers create beautiful new rings in the old traditional styles we love.

Whether you fancy a classic 1920's aquamarine engagement ring or a delicate floral Edwardian ring, we're sure you'll find something you love from one of the many expert jewelers that use original patterns dating back to Victorian times. Let's find out more about these special antique style engagement rings (and forward this to your beau if they're in need of a not-so subtle hint!).

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Art Deco engagement rings

With such bold women and hedonistic rebellion, its no wonder 1920s style remains such a popular trend. If you are looking for a distinctive ring with a unique vintage style, Art Deco engagement rings are a beautiful choice for a romantic nod to the past. Art Deco-inspired jewelry is all about clean lines, geometric shapes, and bright, bright sparkle. Look out for baguette-cut diamond accents or stepped diamond shoulders, which echo the streamlined beauty of this iconic era.

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Edwardian engagement rings

Rings from the Edwardian era were sparkly ornate works of art so if you prefer a more delicate style, an Edwardian-style engagement ring might be the perfect choice. Most commonly made from platinum and diamonds, Edwardian jewelry was produced during 1901 - 1910 and moved against machine-made jewellery. Hand-crafted jewellery was back in fashion and the style became ethereal and detailed. A graceful and delicate Edwardian style emerged that combined flowing lines and decorative details of previous centuries to create jewelry with garlands, bows, flowers, laurel leaves and intricate pierced details.

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Victorian engagement rings

Romantic and joyous to sombre and earnest, Victorian jewelry echoes the emotional journey of Queen Victoria during her almost 64-year reign. An extremely influential monarch, the events of her life had a profound effect on the character, culture and fashions of the age and the Victorian era is typically broken up into three periods, each with a distinctive style of jewelry.

During the early romantic period (circa 1837–60), Victorian engagement rings were feminine and ornate, featuring decorative motifs of flowers, hearts and birds, embellished with seed pearls, coral and turquoise. On their engagement, Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a serpent ring set with emerald eyes (her birthstone). Serpents symbolise eternity and remain a popular motif in jewelry today.

Engagement and wedding rings often made overwhelming declarations of love, set with multiple gems whose first letters spelled messages such as adore (amethyst, diamond, opal, ruby, emerald) or dearest (diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz).

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15 antique-style engagement rings you'll love Pin it
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