13 New Engagement Ring Designers to Know Now

Mar 09, 2021 | Bridal Style

Engagement Rings are as personal as the brides who wear them. That's why it's important to find a ring—and jewelry designer—that fits with your style. While the classics like the golden engagement ring will always be in fashion, there's a large group of new ring designers making waves in the bridal jewelry world. For that reason, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the engagement ring designers every woman needs to know about. Here, you'll meet the fresh crop of talents turning their attention to designing rings for your engagement ring finger—and broadening the options for a bride-to-be in the process.

If you're on the hunt for an engagement ring that suits your unique style, check out these 13 new jewelry designers. One (or more!) are bound to suit your fancy, and we know you'll find just the type of engagement ring you're looking for here.

Elise Maar Pin it


A timeless collection of signature and classic engagement and wedding rings created for every individual who honours the undying, harmonious and wild. Designed, handcrafted and made-to-order by Eliise Maar in her Melbourne studio. Eliise works intimately with each client, crafting the perfect ring for you and your unique celebration of love.

Established in 2015, Eliise Maar’s self-eponymous jewellery label is world-renowned for her distinct yet timeless designs that expertly balance the polarities of the feminine form.

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Back in 2008, when savvy industry insiders Steven Boelens and Stefaan Mouradian founded their diamond jewellery brand BAUNAT, they ripped up the proverbial rule book in the process. Merging Antwerp’s age-old tradition of jewellery-making with the convenience of online shopping, the duo created an e-commerce site that is solely dedicated to diamond jewellery, resulting in a speedier, more efficient and more affordable way to buy exquisite jewels without compromising on quality. In doing so, they created the very first digital native diamond jewellery brand.

Twelve years later, BAUNAT specialises in 100 per cent natural and conflict-free diamonds, with each stone carefully inspected to ensure its carat, clarity, colour, cut and radiance is of an exceptional standard. In the most sustainable way.

The fact that they combine traditional jewellery-making methods with innovative technology, became very clear with the launch of their latest line: The BAUNAT Iconic collection. The idea behind this collection was to take their clients wishes at heart. They used customer feedback to create astonishing pieces with an exclusive BAUNAT setting. A unique design that stands out because of its finesse and details. The most eye-catching elements of The BAUNAT Iconic Collection are a low-placed chaton and 6 exceptionally slim split-prongs, designed in a way to catch and reflect the light perfectly.



As partners in both life and art, Melbourne-based designers James and Irisa have launched their eponymous fine jewellery label in August 2016. For years, the beauty of the natural Australian opal has inspired the pair. It was this passion towards the precious gem that became the final catalyst in launching a label that presented the opal, amongst other stones, in a different and more modern light.

Combined with an appreciation for organic stones, the duo is also inspired by the five basic elements of our world: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Aether. Different combining portions of these elements create characteristics of matter, which in turn, trigger certain responses within us. James & Irisa aim to abstract these perceptions and apply them to their designs in order to create unique and covetable pieces.



Established in 2006, Meadowlark exists to add beauty to the world, creating aspirational engagement rings made with integrity to be cherished forever.

Grounded in a 90’s commitment to authenticity and understated cool, Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont have dedicated their lives to art and design, considering every angle of every piece, finding beauty in overlooked materials or concepts and striving to make pieces that are both intimate and everlasting.

Melanie Casey Rings Pin it


At Melanie Casey, the team works together every day to make clients’ wishes come true. They accomplish this goal through intentional and beautiful design, a perfectionist’s approach to jewelry making, and excellent customer service.

They endeavor to lead the fine jewelry industry away from mass production and to a more creative, thoughtful, and handcrafted future, while providing unmatched customer experience and satisfaction.



Established in 2015, Michellia is a premium fine jewelry brand committed to celebrating the unique beauty of every love story with non-traditional jewelry designs. A self-described true romantic, our founder and designer Michelle believes that everyone deserves a highly individualized expression to cherish the preciousness of every moment we experience in a lifetime. Meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials and gemstones, our jewelry balances old-world and contemporary aesthetics to bring unique individuals together and unforgettable moments to life.



Natalie Marie Jewellery was born out of a passion for the craft. At the core of what we do is a dedication to traditional, superior craftsmanship; a focus on sustainability and high quality materials; and a commitment to our own unique style.

We believe that jewellery is both art and an investment and as such, take pride in every piece we create at Natalie Marie. We make each piece to order, by hand, in our Sydney studio – a conscious decision that allows us to minimise our footprint on the environment and gives us the opportunity to connect with clients on a deeply personal level. Our clients, and the part that we have to play in their story, is at the heart of everything we do.



Olive Avenue is the new face of a family owned and operated jewelry company that has been in business for over 35 years, first established in 1981 as The Diamond Consortium. Olive Avenue is an online retail shop selling timeless, vintage inspired jewelry.

They believe in crafting quality jewelry that is attainable for all women and that each ring made should match the beauty and uniqueness of its wearer. We are dedicated to making ring buying a memorable and easy experience versus a stressful transaction. It is important to us, one, because the business has been in the family for many years, and two, because it is rewarding to offer an enjoyable and exciting experience when purchasing such a sentimental piece of jewelry. Olive Avenue is an expression of high quality time honored traditions.

sarah and sebastian Pin it


SARAH & SEBASTIAN is an ever-evolving body of work by collaborators Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki. In a relentless pursuit to push design innovation with respect for traditional craftsmanship, the pair create directional jewellery of longevity and sentiment.

Their engagement rings collection invites you to be inspired by virtues of self-expression, restraint and a passion for design. They have curated a selection of bespoke engagement services with a refined creation process to create something sentimental and truly yours.

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Susie Saltzman offers an alternative to the traditional fine jewelry purchase. Her modern approach to timeless design embodies the brand mission – Make beautiful keepsakes that celebrate unique and personal milestones. Each design is effortless, easy to wear and offers something unexpected while still feeling as though it could have spanned generations past and those to come.

All materials used by Susie are sourced through environmentally responsible procedures, and great care is taken with the custom fabrication of each piece. Our goal is that everything from the experience to the finished product, be as close to perfect as humanly possible.



At Trabert Goldsmiths, we take great pride in the craft of jewelry making. We use only the highest quality metals and stones, and we work tirelessly to create original pieces that capture the hearts of our clients.

From modern to vintage, from contemporary to classic, from everyday pieces to timeless heirlooms, we carry a diverse variety of distinguished designers to appeal to all aesthetics and occasions.



V.Barboné is dedicated to offering an expertly curated collection of vintage engagement rings and wedding bands. Each ring is hand-picked with devoted attention to detail.

They scour the world for antique rings and diamonds with unique, yet timeless, style. Each of their rings has a story; a legacy that wants to be lived and passed on to future generations.

White November Pin it


Created by founder Bianca, White November was founded for those who adore otherworldly jewellery that is not just beautiful, but is infused with deep symbolic meaning - designed to transcend generations and to be treasured forever. Based in Melbourne, Australia, and crafted by traditional handcraft techniques, there’s always power of celestial proportions with an underlying softness. All designs are meticulously handcrafted using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, along with precious metals of gold, platinum and silver, as well as recycled metals wherever possible.


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