12 Ways To Use Your Lockdown Time To Continue Planning Your Wedding

Apr 02, 2020 | Planning

If you’re feeling unusually overwhelmed by wedding planning during COVID-19, you’re not alone. The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic is affecting couples planning their weddings in 2020 and 2021 so how can we continue to plan in an effective and efficient way during this lockdown? Our Fine Art Curation members are here to help take the stress out of wedding planning so you can continue to create a celebration worthy of your love. Take a look below and find 11 different ways to continue to plan your Big Day amongst the chaos, and let us know how you're planning has changed during this time!


With so many vendors being postponed now due to the COVID-19, their calendars are being scheduled way more in advance than ever before so now is the time to book your 2021 (and beyond!) vendors.

"If you are looking for a photographer, then this is the time to browse through websites. You can request for full galleries and set up Skype calls to discuss more while we're all at home!" - Shay Photography


It's not just a time to make big decision - think about the smaller details too that will have just as big an effect on your memories.

"Couple’s can use their time to think about sentimental details they want captured on their wedding day! Handkerchiefs from grandparents, wearing a piece of jewelry from a loved one that can’t attend, bringing along a letter written by a loved one, wearing perfume gifted by a loved one or a special scent, etc." - Belinda Jean Photography


Refocus, regroup and remind yourself that a healthy bride is a happy bride!

"This is a great opportunity for those brides to create a calming wellness routine that can help keep them stress free during this time. Finding a favorite candle or bath salts. Work on a skin care routine with a good mask- something the groom can do too if they are quarantine together! One of my destination brides with only 50 guests is using this time to write each of them a note explaining what their presence at their marriage means to them. We will place the note with their wedding favor at each guest's place setting at the reception. Finally, with social distancing being on the brain, it is also so important to keep up with family and friends so a virtual movie night where they choose a favorite wedding related movie like Father of the Bride or Bridesmaids. A focus on mental health and maintaining community is essential during this time. Keeping a positive attitude and looking for the joy that can come of this, I think is keeping my brides sane!" - The Petaler Floral & Events Co


The smaller details are sometimes left as an after-thought. Spend this lockdown time wisely and really consider your accessories and style for the big day!

"The ladies have more time to define their bridal look, contacting stylists for the professional advice and customizing details." - Nea Milano


Did you start off with an aim to have a 'romantic' style and now you're more into Scandi Modern Minimalism 12 months down the line? Now's the time to refine your overall look (whether you have a planner or not) and add in details to make it more cohesive.

"This is the perfect time for couples to work on their wedding day designs! Narrow down their Pinterest board or design board ideas and really define the aesthetic they want to achieve for their wedding day! Start exploring & sourcing rental companies, etc." - Ivory & Elm Design Co


If you've been affected by the lockdown and have postponed your wedding, it's highly likely your Spring wedding may now be a Fall event. Think about the florals available to you in your new season, and the food choices from your caterer.

"Many couples will be choosing their new date for a different season of the year, that makes this time a good one to revisit their wedding day timeline with their planner and photographer to maximize the best light for portraits." - Marni Wishart Photography


If you're a details orientated bride like so many of our readers, you'll want to plan out the detail flat lays. Especially if you don't have a planner or stylist. What will the backdrop consist of? What color? What will the small intricate details be?

"You can take this time and think of little things you can add to your day. Maybe it is a ring plate from a grandma to incorporate in to your detail shots, or incorporating part of your mom’s wedding gown or veil in to your details. Some of those tiny details can make all the difference in the world!! And you will be so happy to have those shots!" - Amy Mulder Photography


This time shouldn't only be about prepping for your wedding day. What about the next 60 years?

"Take this time to focus on strengthening the foundation of your marriage by defining your common values, diving deep into "have I ever told you.. " conversations, and creating a bucket list of places you will go and things you will experience together in the next 2 - 3 - 5 and 10+ years.

B O N U S: find a way to incorporate your values and 10-year plans into your redefined wedding celebration." - Manda Weaver


With Coronavirus hitting the wedding industry hard, there are discounts and offers to be had. But be quick!

"Brides and grooms should definitely take their time to look through wedding professionals website’s and inquire for availability and prices. Now more than ever, vendors are offering discounts and dates are going fast for 2021. Don’t make fast decisions, look through your favorite vendors websites and choose the professionals whom you like the 85% (at least) work of. You do not want to chose someone that you are uncertain about the look of their work because you do not want to take the chance of not liking your own wedding photos, design, florals, etc. you want to make sure to chose someone that you consistently like the work of." - Jessica Grazia Mangia

"With so many vendors giving great discounts and having huge promotions, it's an amazing opportunity to maybe upgrade your wedding package and include a Wedding Album, especially if you haven't bought one yet. Another great thing to do is to gift your parents with a wedding album for their own coffee tables. My clients have loved to give this gift to their parents and the reaction is always one filled with tears, hugs and pride. We all know our parents love to show off our most important day to all their friends." - Diane Sotero


Just because the next couple of months are in question, it doesn't mean a date a few months down the line is automatically available. In fact, wedding vendors are currently booking up all their Fall and Spring dates for next year so be sure to lock down a new date ASAP.

"The couples due to get married in 2020 and thinking to postpone should seriously get an option on 2021 dates since half of weddings are rescheduling for next year. Plus they have a good time to think of their honeymoon in case they did not. To those intending to cancel, I suggest not to let their photographer go, a wedding service can eventually be converted in a beautiful couple session or engagement session (in case it was not included in their package) . Pictures are the most precious memories they can have of their past and of their love." - Federica Beni


We know it must be incredibly difficult to give in to the fact that your wedding day (of which you've been counting down to for so long) is now postponed and has a whole new date. You could perhaps take this time to get used to the idea of your new date. If at all possible, could you reschedule to a new meaningful date? A dating anniversary? The first time you met? A special date you both love?

"Take your time before you choose your new date. You should use this opportunity to open your mind to all you didn't dare to imagine for your wedding before. You already have your great vendors, you just have to open your eyes to what you thought was impossible before. And keep in mind that if you postpone this year, with all these troubles, emotion will be so much stronger!" - Veronique Chesnel


Reach out to your wedding suppliers and get to know them more so they can represent you in a more authentic way.

"I’d advise couples to take this time to chat to their photographer on a more personal note and really share their story and personality. This way their photographer can really understand what’s important to them and capture their day in the most authentic way. Plus, they will feel way more relaxed in front of the camera and like they have a friend who they already know on the day." - Ivana Milchankska


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