10 Must-Have Couple Shots For Your Wedding

Jul 22, 2021 | Inspiration

As you're busy pinning and saving gorgeous ideas for your big day, have you stopped to think what particular photos you would like of you and your beau? Which memorable moments do you want captured on film forever? We suggest starting a board just for this that you can share with your photographer before your big day. You can get started here today as California wedding photographer and Fine Art Curation member Amanda Callaway shares some not-to-be-missed shots you'll be so glad you asked your photographer for.

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It's all been building up to this. The excitement, the butterflies, and let's be honest, the hours getting ready. Seeing each other in your finest for the first time on your wedding day is an all important moment.

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You've done it, you're married! The genuine jubilation as you walk back down the down as a newly married couple is such a joyous moment to capture.

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Try to escape to nearby open space for a dreamy shot of you walking into the distance together. It's a timeless romantic image that will look stunning framed in your home.

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What first attracted you to your venue? Probably a stunning property with some photo-worthy buildings. Your photographer will scout out the perfect backdrop but if you have somewhere in mind, don't hesitate to suggest it.

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You've probably had a many a conversation with your florist about your bridal bouquet and now it's actually here in your hands. The classic couple shot with your beautiful flowers is one not to be missed.

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Nothing says it's time to celebrate quite like popping open the champagne. The distraction of having something to do with your hands often makes for a relaxed and playful picture.

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The reality of most wedding days is that they are so hectic you might not get many moments to actually kiss your new husband or wife, so be sure to capture it when you do!

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Whether you've splashed out on hiring a fancy motor or borrowed one from a friend, cars make fantastic props for a fun and stylish shot.

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Close-ups of intimate moments really capture your emotion so you'll be happy that you asked for shots like this to keep forever.

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Candid shots are the ones you'll look back on and remember exactly how you felt. We love atmospheric departing shots like this one, when you're at your most relaxed and heading off into the night together.

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