10 Fall Inspired Wedding Bouquets

Oct 08, 2020 | Bridal Style

It's impossible to beat Autumn in terms of wedding florals - the texture, the color palette, the variety. Fall weddings are just so dreamy and we're thrilled to join up with Fine Art Curation member Brooke from Rise Floral today to share her Top 10 Fall Wedding Bouquets just in case you needed any inspiration for your Autumn wedding...

"Fall is one of my top favorite seasons for blooms and foliage. There are so many stunning flowers that thrive in the Autumn weather and it is one of the best times for foraging outdoors. If sustainability is important to you on your wedding day, this is a wonderful season to get married due to the availability for dried, local goods depending on where you are located."

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Jessica Bell Photography
10 Fall wedding bouquets Pin it
Jessica Bell Photography

"Here in the Sierra Nevada's of Northern California, the ferns dry up to turn a shade of gold in the fall which always brings a really unique component to our weddings while also honoring the season and location we are in. Pictured in some of these fall inspired bouquets are dahlias, garden roses, chocolate cosmos, golden ferns and mums. Dahlias and mums are wonderful focal flowers that bring tons of texture and come in rich tones like terracotta, burnt oranges and golden yellows."

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Courtney Aaron Photography
10 Fall Inspired Wedding Bouquets Pin it
10 fall inspired wedding bouquets Pin it
Shannon Lee Miller

Deep burgundy chocolate cosmos make for a wonderful accent flower to add movement with their dainty stems and small, floaty heads. Best of all, they really do smell like chocolate! Some of my most loved garden roses in Autumn include koko lokos which have an understated mauve tone that reminds me of a warm cappuccino, and honey dijon which highlight the changing colors of the season. Fall is truly such a romantic, cozy time for a wedding and the seasonal foliage and flowers only make it better!"

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Bridgette Wuest Photography
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Dreamtown Photo Co.
10 Fall Inspired Wedding Bouquets Pin it
10 Fall Inspired Wedding Bouquets Pin it

If you'd like to see more of Rise Floral's bouquets, floral installations, tablescapes and more, just head right here to their portfolio of work!


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