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Mar 27, 2014 | Inspiration
Nothing better than a multiple post Thursday here at Wedding Sparrow! We hope enjoyed our 'How To' guide on planning your rehearsal dinner with Jordan Brittley earlier today and now we have some perfect Winter wedding inspiration for you to top off a great day. We've been more than a little chilly this week so although we have tulips in our vases, there's still a nippy reminder that Winter's not quite done with us yet! If you're a Winter 2014 bride and are still looking for inspiration, this styled wedding shoot from Stephanie Yonce Photography is sure to tick a lot of boxes... From Stephanie: "I'm thrilled to share this winter inspiration shoot on behalf of myself and Amore Events by Cody.

 Cody led the team in design - inspired by a trip to the antique store, she came across black feathers and dark amethyst wine glasses, and her vision began to take shape. Her desire was to combine these harsh colors with the softness of a bride on her wedding day. She pulled in drippy candles, delicate lace and David Austin garden roses, and then began pairing them with "harder: elements such as metal, antlers and diamonds.”  

 StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_001 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_010 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_031 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_025 Stephanie Yonce Photography Black diamond wedding ring Stephanie Yonce Photography As Cody shared with me, "I loved the idea of incorporating the untraditionally romantic and passionate color of black into a bridal shoot. Today’s brides are looking to incorporate rustic and modern elements so I tried to select items within the scheme that truly blended both."

  StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_033 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_015 Stephanie Yonce Photography "We paired the lace "Infinity" dress by Caroline Castigliano with a palette of pink lips and cheeks, and hues of brown/cream for the eyes. The "Clarice" by Bliss Monique Lhuillier, inspired our makeup artist to give Carly flushed rosy cheeks and wine colored lips to contrast the white silk gown, veil, and fur wrap. 

This shoot was a milestone for me as my first film-exclusive inspiration shoot! 

I developed my affinity for photography a few years ago, but by then, film had taken a backseat to digital.

" StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_045 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_054 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_052 Stephanie Yonce Photography Blush and white wedding bouquet Stephanie Yonce Photography "While developing and honing my style, my thoughts begin to drift steadily towards the film medium. What would it be like to take a photo entirely based on my knowledge of light, composition, etc? To not have immediate confirmation…how would it change the way I approach my work? Would it morph my style into something I could love even more?

 This curiosity, paired with a strong appreciation for the texture, color, and depth film photographers are able to achieve in their work, I have been baby stepping into the world of film.

 So for me, the inspiration for this shoot came from an unquenchable thirst to put my new love of film into action." StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_071 Stephanie Yonce Photography Black and white wedding inspiration Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_076 Stephanie Yonce Photography Wedgewood blue wedding inspiration Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_080 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_083 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_008 Stephanie Yonce Photography Green black and white wedding florals Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_039 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_065 Stephanie Yonce Photography StephanieYonce_Charlottesville_Winter_Wedding_Shoot_077 Stephanie Yonce Photography Vendor details Photography: Stephanie Yonce Photography | Film Lab: PhotoVision Prints | Planning, Styling & Design: Amore Events by Cody | Dresses: Bella Rosa Bridal | Hair: Erica Haskins-Crutchfield, Top Knot Studio | Make up: Emily Mora Makeup | Venue: Ash Lawn-Highland, Charlottesville, VA | Model - Carly Jones


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