Winter Boudoir Inspiration

Feb 25, 2015 | Inspiration

Winter is the perfect opportunity to book your boudoir, bridal and engagement sessions so we love to see ways and ideas on how to create beauty and timeless simplicity. This sophisticated Winter boudoir session from Kristen Lynne Photography pairs delicate vintage items from Gossamer Vintage and silk from Silk & Willow. Divine. Would you be brave enough to have a boudoir session?

From Kristen Lynne Photography: "Even on the coldest, grayest, winter days Elizabeth remains joyful. Her inner beauty resonates outward as she shares her life with us. Though it was cold outside, the warm sunlight poured through the windows, illuminating the room we were in. It was symbolic of Elizabeth's spirit; she had been through a wintery season in her life but she remained cheerful and full of hope and light. The music playing in the background was frequently interrupted by our laughter. It was a wonderful, warm, winter afternoon.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

I had a vision in mind for this shoot. I wanted to create photographs that were simple, feminine, sophisticated, and timeless. I love soft colors for boudoir shoots; I feel they lend themselves to the feminine nature of the photographs. For this shoot I wanted to keep all of the colors organic and warm. Grey and ivory linen were the perfect, clean backdrop. I chose eucalyptus as a hair accent because the soft green color and the clean lines of the leaves. I wanted everything to remain beautifully understated."

KristenLynnePhotography-4 Kristen Lynne Photography KristenLynnePhotography-11 Kristen Lynne Photography KristenLynnePhotography-8 Kristen Lynne Photography KristenLynnePhotography-5 Kristen Lynne Photography KristenLynnePhotography-31 Kristen Lynne Photography

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.

- Victor Hugo

KristenLynnePhotography-33 Kristen Lynne Photography KristenLynnePhotography-39 Kristen Lynne Photography KristenLynnePhotography-NorthernVirginiaBoudoir-30 Kristen Lynne Photography KristenLynnePhotography-NorthernVirginiaBoudoir-28 Kristen Lynne Photography KristenLynnePhotography-38 Kristen Lynne Photography

Vendor details

Photography: Kristen Lynne Photography | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Hair & Make Up: Enlightened Styles | Black Vintage Velvet Cape: Gossamer Vintage | Silk Fabric for Styling: Silk & Willow


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