The Rise and Saturation of Fine Art Weddings

Jul 26, 2017 | Industry

Today I'm writing some ramblings about something I'm asked about a lot when I meet fellow industry people at workshops, PR events etc. 'What do you think about the popularity of fine art now? It's everywhere!'

We've been pouring over fine art wedding style before the term was coined (thinking about it, I wonder who did actually pen the term 'fine art weddings?) and swooning over light, ethereal, film portraits online so we're not surprised to see the move in the wedding industry from darker reportage style photography to more formal portraits again. And the term itself, 'fine art', can be so subjective too - what does it mean to you? Muted colors, soft relaxed florals, outdoor light? Or formal portraiture, an artistic style, film photography? Does it matter? Like most things in life, these cycles of 'trends' go round and round and new ones come and go. But film photography is no trend for us. It's been around since the beginning and we continue to champion this beautifully long lasting art. Fine art to us equals film photography. Not a style or trend.

We recently were alerted to the rise of yet 'another' fine art wedding blog. When Wedding Sparrow launched a few years ago, there were none. Hence the swift popularity and rise of our brand. Now, there are many beautiful fine art wedding blogs out there where we can swoon over stunning imagery of editorials and weddings. We certainly do not own a monopoly on this style of wedding or showcasing film photography. In fact, it's our strong opinion there is plenty enough room in this industry to offer so much pretty to it's audience so why not? But the launch of fine art wedding blogs is almost a daily occurrence now. In this particular instance, said blog was offering up free advertising in exchange for photographers submitting their work. Some were frustrated that those who have built their brand and audiences for months/years were being undercut by new blogs. Others hoped it didn't create a thought process that vendors should not be paying to reach their audiences with some platforms when they can get it for free with blogs like this.

After a few years of seeing blogs (of all types) come and go, here was my two cents; Another fine art wedding blog?! Why? Why not see a gap in this saturated market for something and go for that (should the motivation be starting a business). If it's purely for the love it, why be concerned with offering free advertising? Just curate your favorite work (with permission) and people will come. We're all in danger of becoming the same. The same look, the same 'trend', boring to our audiences and peers. This industry is replicated beyond belief and we have to be swift to act every time someone sets up another blog, rips off our website, copies our branding etc and move forward. Free advertising? Let them go for it I say. I think we underestimate the common sense of the vendors in this industry and if they really wish to align their brands with smaller blogs (which we do recommend if it is the right way to reach their client), they will after much research into the platform's reach and following.

The nature of the beast means that we hope vendors will continue to see the benefits of the long term relationships we, and other platforms, build with them and that we continue to strive to post the best content, features, offers and valuable insight for our brides, because ultimately, it's all for them right?

So, want to create your own fine art blog? Go for it! Do it well and do it different. And send us a link below so we can check it out and give it some love... ;)

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kathryn hopkins - 13 April 2018

It’s like it in all areas of our industry now.  So many local wedding photography businesses start up offering their services for next to nothing.  They just don’t see the harm it does to the industry as a whole, and long term it’s not sustainable for them.  If only every business owner understood numbers, and had a plan for their future growth etc, before they launched.  Supermarket tactics have never been fruitful.

The age of the copycat is upon us, but it is only true creatives that will shine through the masses and make a real mark in the industry.  I know I’m trying to be more myself these days and hope that will help my future growth eventually.  The fine art style is just so beautiful it truly is hard as a photographer not to get swept up into it!

Melody - 12 September 2017

Your blog is still my favourite. While there are tons of new ones popping up, their curation seems to have a different feel. It’s my dream to be published in Wedding Sparrow one day. Thank you for all the hard work being poured into WS.

Genevieve Targono - 27 July 2017

I respect you so much and your work!

Carrie D - 26 July 2017

So true about all the new blogs popping up! It’s definitely starting to become the new vintage trend *rolls eyes*

I’ve been following your blog for the last couple years and I’m sure there won’t be any loss of readership for you!


Esther - 26 July 2017

So well said Sara! Thank you for continuing to uplift and encourage the community with your thoughts! You’ve done amazing with Wedding Sparrow which makes it so unique!

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