Sun Inspired Engagement Session

May 20, 2015 | Engagements
The brides out there that have such a specific vision for their photo sessions and wedding design are rare. In a world where one can be easily overstimulated by amazing resources like blogs (hi!), Pinterest and more… it can be so difficult to narrow down what direction you want to go in with wedding details. Today's beautiful bride to be had an Italian themed, sun inspired engagement session vision in her head and with the help of Wedding Nature Photography, carried it out perfectly! The lovely stationery and unique kite by Jenna Blazevich  really added the cherry on top... From the couple: "Our inspiration started with an amazing and unforgettable trip to Italy where my fiancé proposed and presented me unbelievably unique vintage handmade Venitian mask as a symbol of our profound commitment and love to each other. We got engaged in Italy and when we got back to the United States we thought Italian vintage inspired styled engagement session is must have! The natural setting of Vista View Park plays the perfect backdrop for utterly organic and elegant engagement session we had in mind. From the simple yet so live green hills that reminded us of Tuscany in some way, so untypical in Florida landscape to the incredible aerial feeling of freedom this park always leaves us in awe and that's why we chose it. We wanted to take a classic idea and give it a modern fresh take incorporating what was very important to us as a couple. I dreamed about something earthy hued, with a soft golden-pastel colors that will bring an element of elegance which contrasts nicely with the olive wood setting, perfect pair of vintage chairs and table with floral touch that would remind us of vintage Italy, and nature we love so much. We hand selected the table top items some from our favorite stores and some from the trip to Italy to create specific and customized Italian vintage theme look. I chose simple and delicate dress I wanted to be pure and flawless and a perfect match for our engagement session theme.We want to thank Wedding Nature Photography for the fabulous photography they did for us, for the flower arrangements. Our appreciation to Jenna Blazevich for delivering wonderful calligraphy lettering that expressed our feelings and emotion so perfectly." Wedding-Nature-Photography-35 Wedding Nature Photography Wedding-Nature-Photography-5 Wedding Nature Photography Wedding-Nature-Photography-7 Wedding Nature Photography Wedding-Nature-Photography-9 Wedding Nature Photography Wedding-Nature-Photography-23 Wedding Nature Photography Wedding-Nature-Photography-30 Wedding Nature Photography Wedding-Nature-Photography-60 Wedding Nature Photography Wedding-Nature-Photography-29 Wedding Nature Photography Wedding-Nature-Photography-58 Wedding Nature Photography
Vendor Details
Photography: Wedding Nature Photography | Film Lab: The Find Lab | Calligraphy: Jenna Blazevich | Vintage Rentals: The Salvage Snob


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