Styling tips for your bridals ~ Laura Gordon Photography

Nov 14, 2013 | Bridal Style
There's an increasing trend for bridals in the wedding market and we can certainly see why! A chance to dress up in your wedding dress again without the nerves of the big day?! Yes please! When we caught a glimpse of Ashley's bridal session, it read like a how-to guide for styling the perfect editorial, stylish bridal campaign, so we knew you had to see it! We thought we’d make this session even more fun by including a few styling tips for your bridals (or engagement session!) that you can see in Ashley. Very special thanks Wedding Sparrow favourite to Laura Gordon Photography for sharing her images with us! We adore them! LGDuo1 Photography ~ Laura Gordon Tip 1: Coordinate. Don’t match. There’s nothing worse than seeing a set of images that are full of the same colour. Increase your palette and have at least a handful of coluors running through (the same applies to your wedding day). Don’t be afraid of a pop or two–we love the combo of red/tartan/plaid and the silver/jewelled/navy that Ashley chose. We also love that the casual tartan shirt created such a different vibe from the elegant ivory wedding dress. lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-91 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-85 Photography ~ Laura Gordon LGDuo2 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-76 Photography ~ Laura Gordon Tip 2: Layer! The secret to a professionally styled wardrobe is layering. Your look gets an umph of depth and interest when you remember to layer up the ensemble. Ashley chose a tartan (plaid) shirt, bejewelled belt, chunky necklace and chunky bracelet, with contrasting textures to help give a sense of dimension. lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-17 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-119 Photography ~ Laura Gordon Tip 3: Accessorize. We can’t get enough of Ashley’s chunky necklace and bracelet! Accessories are always the key to finishing off the look of an outfit! LGDuo3 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-73 Photography ~ Laura Gordon Tip 4: Use patterns! Ashley combined plaid with her classic ivory wedding dress to keep things interesting. If you're having an engagement shoot, patterns can be mixed to create a more cohesive look (and they look great on film!). LGDuo4 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-139 Photography ~ Laura Gordon Tip 5: Keep your “props” personal. Often brides or couples don't like to bring props to e-shoot or bridals as it can make it seem contrived. The key is keeping them personal and important to you. Have a puppy? Bring it along! Want your bouquet at your bridals? Have a replica made! It’s a natural extension of the big day and  isn't forced. lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-63 Photography ~ Laura Gordon LGDuo5 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-6 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-60 Photography ~ Laura Gordon LGDuo6 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-104 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-1 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-9 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-13 Photography ~ Laura Gordon LGDuo7 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-86 Photography ~ Laura Gordon lauragordonphotography-AshleyBarnett-102 Photography ~ Laura Gordon Have you planned your engagement session/bridal wardrobe yet? Need styling advice? Ask away! Vendor details: Photography: Laura Gordon Photography | Styling: Ashley - The bride


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