Shades of Sienna

Feb 10, 2015 | Inspiration

Lost in the wilderness, this desert editorial epitomises the use of organic nature in your wedding styling. Miesh Photography and Soil & Stem collaborated on this wonderfully texture driven editorial full of neutral colours and delicate details...

From Soil & Stem: "Removed of all pigment except for the subtle shades of sienna, this monochromatic palette feels soft and warm against the parched landscape. Detached of other color, textures are allowed to come forth effortlessly as each ingredient in styling holds its own: the silken ribbon, windswept plums of grass, fossilized stones, smooth driftwood, grit-like water colored paper, – The planes of every surface feeling as if they are breathing with energy. Even the abandoned weathered planks come alive with texture where grass and sun-bronzed moss have sprouted in the exposed crevices of the wood. The beautiful thing about nature is that it’s constantly changing: evolving. Even in death, dry and quiet as it is, there is still a beauty to its presence that cannot be compared."

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Vendor details

Photography: Miesh Photography | Film Lab: Nichols Film Lab | Styling: Miesh Styling & Soil & Stem | Paper suite: Wildflower Paper Co. | Floral: Soil & Stem | Cake: Pippa Cakery | Macaroons: Seine Macaroons | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Hair & Make Up: Nicolette Paige Ballif | Dress/Attire: Vintage | Model: Marae Wright


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