Rustic farm wedding ~ Ryan Flynn Photography

Dec 23, 2013 | Weddings
Happy Christmas Eve Eve! We're on the edge of our seats ready for Santa to come and so we can spend quality time with family and friends as we're very aware we have been working a lot this past year. Something to keep us in this happy mood is this rustic farm wedding from Ryan Flynn Photography today. The wedding itself is full of rustic DIY elements and summer wedding vibes but it's not that. It's how the bride and groom, Kari & Jon are beaming throughout the whole wedding. We love how happy they are! From the bride (Kari): "The venue, Mystique Ranch,  belongs to Jon's (groom) dad and stepmom--they live there and operate the grounds and coordinate events at the barn.  When they brought the property, Jon and his dad were talking, and Jon's dad said "We need to make this place really manly. We need some yaks out here"...hahaha. So they got a few yaks to start, which has now turned into 30 yaks! His dad had also always had a dream of building an elaborate castle wall to guard the property, so that's exactly what he did. Jon, his dad, and a couple of designers built the entire castle entrance by hand!" karijohn-wedding-0036 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn RFDuo1 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0039 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn "Our wedding went by so incredibly fast, that the only part we vividly remember is our ceremony.  Time just seemed to slow down. We can remember every moment and how it felt, from walking down the aisle with my dad, seeing Jon at the front with tears in his eyes, the amazing message given by our pastor, our vows to each other, and standing in front of our family and friends.  That was the most special moment of the whole day, as Jon and I held hands up front and became husband and wife." karijohn-wedding-0059 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0050 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn RFDuo2 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0155 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0084 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn "Why did we pick Ryan as our wedding photographer? What can we say? His film photography, the way he captures the light in photographs, the amazing romantic shots he grabs of couples on their wedding day... We had been exploring photographers for weeks, but nothing truly stood out to us.  We then received an email suggesting Ryan Flynn.  After about five minutes of looking at his blog, we knew we needed him.  As the bride, I did most of the wedding planning, but my husband Jon's only request was that Ryan photographed our wedding. Upon learning that he was available, Jon and I went to cafe in Seattle to meet him for the first time.  Beyond his incredibly beautiful pictures, Ryan has a great personality. Personality is very important in choosing a photographer, because you want to feel the most comfortable on your wedding day.  Ryan is down to earth, kind and funny.  He helped our wedding day to be the most memorable, fun and joyful day of our lives! In addition, he was directive when we needed it while also allowing us to be ourselves. We could go on!" karijohn-wedding-0090 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0100 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn RFDuo3 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0233 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0236 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0267 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0280 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0279 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn "My mom, sisters and bridesmaids all went to Pike Place Market really early the day before the wedding and hand picked each flower.  We ran up and down the entire market, grabbing different flowers from different florists. That night at the rehearsal dinner, my two sisters arranged my bouquet, my bridesmaids' bouquets and all of the table center pieces by hand! My sister and I bought about 35 total yards of different colored nude, pale pink and cream fabrics from Jo-Ann's. We cut the fabric into 3-inch wide strips, and hung strips anywhere from 5-feet to 8-feet in length to create a bohemian-style backdrop of streaming fabric. I bought 3-D cardboard letters to spell out our last time, painted Mod Podge on the top surface and sprinkled gold glitter on top of that, and hung them from beams on the barn.  The lights reflected off the glitter to keep our name lit up all night." karijohn-wedding-0330 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0368 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0379 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0384 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0408 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0413 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0419 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0371 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn RFDuo4 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn RFDuo5 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0392 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0405 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn RFDuo6 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0535 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0506 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0516 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0610 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0633 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn karijohn-wedding-0750 Photography ~ Ryan Flynn "My advice to other brides would be to write your own separate vows to each other.  When you have planned your entire wedding down to the smallest detail, hearing your soon-to-be spouse's vows for the first time is the most amazing surprise that will just overwhelm your heart with love." Vendor details: Ceremony and Reception Venue: Mystique Ranch, Washington | Photography: Ryan Flynn Photography | Dress: Sarah Seven | Dress Shop: The Dress Theory, Seattle, WA | Bridesmaids Dresses: Madewell | Flowers: Pike Place Market | Videographer: Zac Schwiethale | Catering: Maximus Minimus Food Truck


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