A romance in Paris - Stationery & Calligraphy inspiration

Jul 14, 2014 | Inspiration

It's no secret that Paris is our favourite city in the world and we'll use just about any excuse to travel there (styled shoot anyone?). So when one of our favourite calligraphers (who also shoots film!) A Creative Affair send us her stunning work captured in the heart of the most romantic city in the world, we're in awe. We just want to jump right into these pages and live in them. Clara from A Creative Affair is Switzerland based but travels internationally having studied in NYC and now works between Zurich, Provence and Prague shooting weddings and creating calligraphy and organic lettering.

Clara can collaborate with your wedding planner or other creatives if you need her to as she creates perfect paper masterpieces. Using ink, watercolour or gouache, fabric with paint, chalkboards or something digital we're pretty sure you'll find something for your wedding or personal project!

This trip to Paris shows us how you can use place cards, name cards and descriptions anywhere in your wedding. Need some signage for your signature drinks? Some food and drink labels for your dessert table? Personalised coasters for your cocktail hour? The inspiration is endless...

From Clara: "This is an inspiration for the romantics! It's the quiet fantasy about a romantic couple in Paris celebrating the beginnings of their love.. writing each other letters and notes….. all the while the lettering artist and photographer is giving the viewer quirky hints at the obvious, hoping that you will let your imagination run wild and just fall in love with being romantic again..."

Calligraphy in Paris Clara Tuma Photography A_Romance_In_Paris_A_Creative_Affair_ClaraTuma_036 Clara Tuma Photography Macarons in Paris Clara Tuma Photography A_Romance_In_Paris_A_Creative_Affair_ClaraTuma_040 Clara Tuma Photography Watercolour calligraphy ideas Clara Tuma Photography A_Romance_In_Paris_A_Creative_Affair_ClaraTuma_058 Clara Tuma Photography A_Romance_In_Paris_A_Creative_Affair_ClaraTuma_055 Clara Tuma Photography Wedding calligraphy inspiration Clara Tuma Photography A_Romance_In_Paris_A_Creative_Affair_ClaraTuma_023 Clara Tuma Photography Parisian wedding ideas Clara Tuma Photography

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Photographer: Clara Tuma Photography | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Calligraphy & stationery: A Creative Affair


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