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Apr 05, 2018 | Planning

We're LOVING our new series of blogging brides and reading all about their journey's through the planning process! Did you see Kelsey and Nic's sweet story recently on the blog? If not, have a read here. Our next bride is Nicole with Fiance Taylor who although are at the start of their planning process, know what they want and we're excited to see it all come together....

"I'm Nicole and I'm engaged to my best friend (Taylor). We've been engaged for a little over month now and have just kicked off planning our dream wedding for the Spring/Summer of 2019! I am so excited to share this journey with you!

Our Love Story

My fiancé and I met nearly six years ago in the summer of 2012 while attending University of the Pacific. I was at a friend's house party with my roommate when I noticed a cute boy I had never seen before (which is rare because UOP is a small, private school where everybody knows everybody)! My roommate knew him so I forced her to introduce me. We wound up hitting it off and hung out for the rest of the night. When we said goodbye, he was too shy to ask for my number, so I went ahead and asked him for his! Over the next couple months we kept in touch and went on a few dates (he says I played hard to get), and by September 2012 we were officially dating and quickly became inseparable.

Fast forward 8 months to spring of 2013 when we decided to get a puppy together while I was still living in my sorority house…so we really got a puppy for his apartment. ;) That puppy (Marley) has grown into one of the most special and sweet parts of our relationship and family! I graduated in May 2013 and moved out to San Francisco for graduate school and work, while Taylor still had two years of school and swimming to finish up (he was on UOP's D1 swim team)!

Long distance in our early-twenties was difficult, and there were a few bumps in the road, but we both knew we wanted to make this relationship work and spend the rest of our lives together. After nearly four years of long distance, Taylor and I moved into our first house together in Sacramento, California in January 2017! This past year has been the most wonderful, enjoyable year of our relationship. We met as a couple kids in college and truly grew up together, and now there's no one I'd rather grow old with.

cali wedding planning Pin it
California wedding planning Pin it

Our Proposal Story

Taylor proposed on Saturday, February 3rd after we spent a perfect day together in the Bay Area filled with all our favorite things. We went to lunch at Homeroom for the world's best mac & cheese (it's a must try if you're in Oakland) and then to Faction Brewing in Alameda for a drink with a fabulous view of the entire bay. From there we went to watch the sunset at the very top of the Berkeley Hills...he took me back to the exact spot we came to years ago to pop champagne when I got my first full time job. At that point I had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen but was thrown off when he reached down into the ice chest and pulled out an empty box! Taylor nearly had a heart attack and sprinted back to the car to find that the ring box was in fact still in the trunk of the car and not missing! By the time he got back to me the whole speech he had planned was gone, but it didn't matter because my answer was always going to be YES!!! It made for a moment we'll never forget, and a story we now laugh about and enjoy sharing with our loved ones. Taylor then took me to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Dopo, where we shared a delicious meal and he was able to say everything he planned to say earlier before 'misplacing' the ring. ;)

While we've only been engaged for about a month, we thought it'd be fun to share five things we were surprised by since getting engaged!

NICOLE: Everyone's (and I mean everyone) first question is: Have you set a date yet?! Not kidding - I heard that question at least a dozen times the day after we got engaged, and it has not stopped!

TAYLOR: I have been surprised at how caught off guard I am by people saying congratulations. I have to pause and think about what they could possibly be congratulating me on and after an awkward 3 second delay I'll realize they're talking about the engagement!

NICOLE: I get butterflies every time I get to call Taylor my fiancé! But I slip up and call him my boyfriend more often than I’d like to admit.

TAYLOR: Making our preliminary guest list was more of a challenge than I thought it’d be. Finding the right balance between inviting friends and family is tough!

NICOLE: The outpouring of happiness, joy and support from our friends and family has been the absolute best part. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much love!"


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Molly Carr Photography - 5 April 2018

Such a wonderful proposal story, and your ring is just gorgeous! Congratulations Taylor & Nicole!

Molly Carr Photography

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