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May 23, 2016 | Planning

Cheers to Monday, loves. Today we're rounding up our favorite wedding planning articles for you - everything from achieving glowing skin to the best bouquet inspiration for Fine Art brides!


Our Brand Manager, Megan, visited one of our favorite bridal shops, The Dress Theory, with Fine Art Curation members Nicole Berrett and Lindsey Zamora for some dress shopping advice. Our biggest takeaway? Let your own personal taste guide the appointment and have fun... you'll remember this day forever! Click here for the article...

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Hands up if you've always dreamed of a destination wedding?! We've always loved the romance of the idea, however there are completely different logistics when it comes to destination wedding planning that you may not have thought of! We caught up with our sister company, stylists and planners Pearl & Godiva, to go over some really important things we would've never thought of... photo by Laura Gordon.

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Even more important than the makeup look itself, clear and radiant skin will be your best friend for the most beautiful bridal look! We discussed how to achieve your best skin with Fine Art Curation member Sanni Sorma while totally coveting the stunning and perfectly natural makeup look shown here by Jess Wilcox, photographed by Sally Pinera...

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Dearest bride to be: just have fun. Enjoy the little moments and don't be afraid to browse for inspiration of all sorts! Looking for the best wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, or bouquets? We've got you covered!

Bouquet: Team Flower, Heather Payne Photography

Bridesmaids: Jen Huang Photography

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Our favorite Wedding Planning Guides on Wedding Sparrow Pin it


Even if we weren't in wedding mode 24/7, we'd still be taking tons of inspiration from our trip to Rouge Workshop! We were blown away by the wedding hair beauty by the attendees! Take notes and be sure to save on your Pinterest boards!

Hair: Hair by Lynsey, Austin Gros Photography

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We really loved this article about how to stay calm on your wedding day. Not everything is about a look or a dress or a physical object - your mental state is the absolute most important aspect of the day. By having a clear head, you will be able to take it all in...

Photo by Fine Art Curation member When He Found Her

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The wedding is getting closer and it's time to finally think about that honeymoon of yours! We loved this article with the best honeymoon packing tips and stunning photos by CJK Visuals... so much swoon...

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The above articles should give you a good head start to your wedding planning process. What else are you looking for? Be sure to click on the 'planning' tab above for so much more and let us know in the comments what else we can educate our lovely brides on for their big day!


heather - 25 July 2016

Loved this article-Such a great overview! One of my favorite wedding planning tools is www.withjoy.com- a totally free, totally stylish app that helps organize every detail of the bid day from reminding guests to bring a coat to the outdoor ceremony to offering registry recommendations !

Svitlana Poptop - 11 June 2016

Hi there! I completely agree with Hardeep Kaur, it is really nice post. I shared with my friends. I like the most the article with honeymoon packing tips :)

Hardeep Kaur - 27 May 2016

Nice Post. great wedding planning tips you ahve shred with this blog. thanks for sharing

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