Organic growth of our social media - Fohr Card approved Instagram

Sep 04, 2017 | Industry

Our social media reach is our pride and joy and it's been 4 years of hard work and learning continuously to make the best of the ever changing world of algorithms and ways that users interact with brands and blogs. We are often asked by industry professionals if we have 'bought' followers at any point in the past and even though we of course say no, we're often left wondering if they believe us.

We're the biggest advocates of organic growth and more importantly, an engaged audience. I mean, what's the point of having lots of faceless followers if they won't be buying your products/services or reading your blog?? So we registered our Instagram account with FOHR Card so they could verify our account as being genuine.

We were thrilled when they confirmed that our growth was real and authentic amongst thousands that did not qualify. Our little badge of honor can be viewed here and if you're looking for someone to maintain and grow your social media account, did you know we currently look after many in the industry already? Contact us for details here...

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